The Greek Winter Song, might be not a known Greek Song, but the singer D. Savvopoulos is a very known !

Not all songs need to be about love, or the pain not to be loved… :-).  And not all songs always tell you the truth!

For example, the big hit “It is never cold in Greece“/ Δεν κάνει κρύο στην Ελλάδα” is a very popular song…but does it tell you the truth ?

At Omilo, we know better, and we have experienced several winters in Greece! Not only in the mountains, but also in Athens…
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The Winter started ,  so a good time to relax or have some “Christmas Holiday” fun…

We wish you a very nice Christmas and Happy New Year


Ο χειμώνας άρχισε . Ώρα να ξεκουραστείς και να περάσεις καλά…
Σας ευχόμαστε Καλά Χριστούγεννα & Ευτυχισμένος ο Καινούργιος Χρόνος

This period goes together with lights, many lights, as well as presents and happy music!  Also, the orange and neratzi trees all over Greece, look like happy creative Christmas trees. We are all bombarded with negative and worrying news, as well as unpleasant monthly bills, so those lights, Christmas carols, and gift-shopping,  are perfect to give you some  ‘FG – Feel Good’ -vitamins!

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Did you ever celebrate Greek Christmas and New Year in Greece?  Apart from other Christmas traditions, you will hear typical Greek carols all over the country: the “kalanta”. Greece is rich in music and depending on the geographical regions, there are different Christmas and New Year songs, using different instruments and rhythms.
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A Greek song by Machairitsas is also ideal to learn Greek vocabulary.
Let’s enjoy beautiful Greek music,  while improving your Greek.
The song  “What do I ask for?” “Τι ζητάω;”, is a very known song, every Greek can sing along..

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Mikis Theodorakis (1925-2021), is one of the most important Greek composers known abroad.

He has composed thousands of Greek songs, (mostly Laika and Entechno style),  symphonic music, music for operas, ballet, and chamber music, etc..

To read more about his life and career, click here.

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Already one year passed, without Mikis Theodorakis…

Mikis Theodorakis, the beloved and internationally known Greek composer, whose music and political life are also well-known abroad, died on September 2nd, 2021. He was 96.

Theodorakis’ career, which started in his early years, produced a hugely varied body of work. He has not only composed symphonic music, music for operas, ballet, chamber music, but of course a great number of Greek songs.

Apart from his musical career, he is also remembered by Greeks for his stubborn opposition to postwar regimes and dictatorships. He will be never forgotten.

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For many Greek language learners, Greek music is the reason why they started learning Greek. Music is a fun and interesting way to learn the language. You can listen at any time of the day and the lyrics can help you to expand your vocabulary, but also make you feel closer to Greece and the Greek culture.
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As summer is well under way, we need uplifting music to go along with the warm summer days (and nights). And what could be better than the songs of Mariza Rizou that beautifully blend together nostalgic retro vibes and elements from jazz, swing, folk, pop and Latin music?

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Building your Greek vocabulary with a Greek song, while listening to Greek music, is fun.
Below you can read the lyrics and listen to a very nice and popular Greek song by Rena Morfi.  

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Manos Eleftheriou (1938-2018), is a famous Greek writer of poems, as well as short stories and songs. Since he was born and raised on the island of Syros, the Omilo students often hear his name while attending a course on the island. Manos Eleftheriou loved Syros and edited books about his island, specifically about Markos Vamvakaris and Syros society, about theater in Ermoupolis in the 20th century, and about Ermoupolis in Greek literature.

Some facts about his life:
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