Antonis Remos is a popular Greek singer who has many fans in Greece, but also among the Omilo students. For many years, Remos was also one of the Greek coaches of the popular TV show “The Voice”.

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Learning Greek is a hobby for life, so from time to time you have to find fun and new ways of learning to keep yourself motivated.

So, for those at an intermediate or advanced level in the Greek language; If you enjoy solving crosswords and get excited about ancient Greek mythology, you’re at the right place!
Although those exercises are made for advanced students in Greek, even if you are not at that level yet, you can still give it a try, or just read the myth in English. Read more

Christmas is quickly approaching, which calls for Christmas movie recommendations! Here we’re presenting you a Greek drama film, Christmas Tango (in Greek: Το Τανγκό των Χριστουγέννων), which was directed by Nikos Koutelidakis and based on a novel by Yannis Xanthoulis. It is a story about love, loss and vulnerability.

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During the month of December Greeks are looking forward to buy, bake, eat or treat the typical Christmas sweets.
One of the typical Christmas cookies you can find in every bakery, patisserie or household, are the “melomakarona”.
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It cannot always be sunny, also in Greece there are “rainy days”! And of course, there is a Greek song that goes along with a wet day!
Listen to the beautiful rebetiko song, composed by Vassilis Tsitsanis “Raindrops are falling” «Πέφτουν της βροχής οι στάλες».
A rainy day is excellent to study Greek as well, so here we go!

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Τι κάνετε; ‘Oλα καλά;
We hope you are fine, healthy, and safe, after the last 8 “corona months”, or how should we call them?

Our last “general corona update #4” was sent in June 2020, with the happy announcement that we would start our first 2020 courses in Greece, from July onward.
And indeed, that is what happened…Omilo students were welcomed on the island of Syros during the months of July and September as well as in Athens at the end of October.

We would like to thank all our students that traveled to Greece this period and joined an Omilo language course.  We could not have done it without you.
At the same time, we also thank all the students taking online lessons with the Omilo teachers this school year, or buying one of the Omilo publications.
Your support is necessary for the existence of Omilo, and we really appreciate it. ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

In the meantime it is November, and from this weekend onward, Greece started its 2nd corona lockdown of 2020, for the coming 3 weeks. 

The Omilo-team is well and safe, but sad we cannot welcome any students in Greece now.
It is so much nicer to teach “live” and being able to show the beauties of Greece.

However,  we started working online again, it’s as good as it gets…Τι να κάνούμε! Read more

How we spent the last 4 months and managed to charge our batteries for the winter?
Some recent Omilo history from July till November 2020.

Spring 2020 was very different from other years! Not only in Greece but all over the world, due to the covid-19 pandemic.
But fortunately, the summer was a pleasant one, even in difficult circumstances. Below an update on how the Omilo was operating during the summer of 2020. Read more

From March till May 2020, the Omilo team has been spending a lot of time inside due to the 1st Corona lockdown in Greece. In the meantime it is Autumn, and from November 7th onward, Greece started its 2nd corona lockdown for  3 weeks. 

Staying at home is very important given the current circumstances but it doesn’t have to feel dull. This is why we would like to introduce you to a funny and upbeat Greek song about – what else? – staying at home and relaxing!
#menoumespiti – #westayathome

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Constantine P. Cavafy was one of the most original and influential Greek poets of the 20th century, who, though, remained virtually unrecognized in Greece until late in his career. Nowadays, his poetry is widely celebrated and taught in school in Greece and Cyprus, as well as in universities around the world.

 His life

Constantine Cavafy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on April 29, 1863. His father died when he was seven, leaving the family poor. Shortly after this, the family moved to England, where Cavafy stayed until he was sixteen and became fluent in English. [He also picked up French and Italian during his life.] His two oldest brothers were supposed to take over their father’s business but they were young and inexperienced. Combined with the Long Depression of 1873, financial problems forced the family to move back to Alexandria in 1876, where they lived in great poverty. Read more

MASAREΣI, the Greek eShop and Blog introducing you to the “Real Greece,  already celebrated its first anniversary.
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