Greek Course on Lefkada island | 2-Week Group Lessons

A Greek course on Lefkada island is ideal for those who want to learn and especially speak Greek, while also enjoying a beautiful holiday in Greece, near the most amazing Greek beaches and a beautiful natural setting, the island of Lefkada is the perfect choice! Our interactive methods of teaching are made to satisfy communication needs for every level: during your  classes you can fully focus on improving your Greek language skills in small groups, and during the afternoons/evenings you can put the theory into practice.

Of course, learning Greek is also about getting to know the Greek culture and communicating with the locals. Therefor we propose several optional afternoon /evening activities, which are a perfect way to practice speaking Greek and learn more about the “real Greece”. Furthermore, the impressive natural beauty of Lefkada island offers many possibilities for relaxing walks and excursions.

Dates & Prices 

Starting dateEnding dateTotal hoursLevelsPrice
SUNDAY 26/05/2024FRIDAY 07/06/20244 hours/day BEG2/INT1/INT2
3 hours/day BEG1/ADV1
See notes below
All ,
except of Absolute Beginners and Advanced 2 levels
See note below
990,- euro

Teaching schedule: 10 days of lessons

10:00 – 14:00    (4 hours/day –  BEG2, INT1, INT2 levels – max 7 students/class)
15.00 – 18.00    (3 hours/day – BEG1 and ADV1 levels – max 4 students/class)

* Note 1: The Beginners 1 and Advanced 1 levels are organized in a different way than the other language levels:
Lessons take place during the afternoons from 15.00 till 18.00

* Note 2 : The Beginners 1 level takes place, but NOT the Absolute Beginners level ( so starting with the Greek Alphabet and first sentences). If you do not know the alphabet and simple sentences yet, but you would like to participate in the Beginner 1 level, then you have the option to book the online Alphabet course, at least 1 month before the course Click here for more info;  Alphabet course.

*Note 3; If you are looking for and Advanced 2 or Absolute Beginner course, then check our courses in Syros, Nafplion or Athens

For more info about the different language levels at Omilo, click here

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greek in lefkada

About the course

Discover more with this video!

On the indicated arrival day, the Omilo team will welcome you at 19.00 in the Lefkada School, situated at the Agatha Pension in the village of Agios Nikitas, 10km north of the town of Lefkas. You will be introduced to the teachers and other participants and the program will be explained as well as all the options for activities or excursions. At around 20.00 all students are invited to a tavern meal in a local Greek tavern in Agios Nikitas, which is included in the course price. It is the perfect moment to get to know the other participants, talk to the teachers, taste Greek food and start communicating in Greek.

The following Monday your Greek classes will begin. On the first day of the course, students will be asked to take a quick placement test so that they can be put in the right class. The course materials will be given out during the course and are included in the price.

For the first week, you will have 6 days of classes: on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On the first Thursday and 2nd Monday you will have no classes; thus, you will have an opportunity to explore the island, relax on the beach, learn your Greek vocabulary or participate in one of the activities on offer. During the second week you have four days of classes: on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

In addition to the intensive Greek lessons in the morning, various social and cultural activities during the afternoons (free of charge) are organized, during which you can also practice your Greek communication skills.

Useful information

Please also check the Course Terms and Conditions

What is included

  • 10 teaching days
  • Course materials
  • One tavern meal (arrival day)
  • Two Greek dance classes
  • Guided hike to Milos Beach
  • 2 x Lecture/game related to Greek culture or music
  • The possibility of going (at an extra charge) on an additional excursion on Thursday.(free day)
    This will be discussed at the welcome meeting.

( ! Fees do not include: accommodation and extra meals, travel insurance, cancellation insurance,
travel tickets (boat, plane…) If you wish, we will book accommodation for you at the Agatha Pension,
where classes are also held. Please visit our Accommodation page )

Group info

  • Our courses are intended for adults of 26+ years of age, including seniors, of every nationality and language level.
  • Courses are never canceled.
  • Small classes, maximum 7 students per class/language level for morning classes
    (BEG2, Intermediate levels)
    (average size per class = 5)
    4 students per class in Beginners 1 and Advanced 1 levles
  • 4 hours/day when there are 3 to 7 students per language level
    3 hours/day when there are 2 students per language level
    2 hours/day when there is 1 student in a language level
    for the same course fee

Language levels

  • There are 5 language levels possible
  • If you want to learn more about what each language level means, please visit the Language Level Page.
  • When registering for a course, you are asked to indicate your level and give us some extra information about the materials you have used, how much instruction you have already had, etc. However, since all participants speak various languages, have used different course materials in their countries or have studied with different teaching methods, we will ask you to take a brief placement test on the first day of the course in order to be sure about your level and assign you to the appropriate class.

greek course in lefkada

Daily schedule for Beginners 2, Intermediate levels

  • The course starts with an info moment & welcome dinner on Sunday (indicated arrival day) at 7 pm.
  • Lessons take place from Monday till the next Friday, between 10.00 and 14.00.
    There are no classes on the first Thursday and the 2nd Monday
  • There will be a teaching break of 30 minutes every day
  • At least 6 afternoon activities will be offered. Most of the activities are for 1 ½ to 3 hours.

Daily schedule for the Beginners 1 and Advanced 1 language level

  • You follow the entire program and cultural activities as the other group participants.
  • Classes take place between 15.00 – 18.00
  • You will have 3 hours/daily in a class of maximum 4 students,
    (or 2 hours/day when you are alone in the level)
  • 10 teaching days
  • There will be a break of 20 minutes every day
  • At least 6-afternoon activities are offered. Most of the activities last from 1½ to 3 hours.

Location & additional info

  • The classes takes place at the Agatha Pension, at 200 meters from the beach of the village of Agios Nikitas,
    which is situated 10 km north of the capital, Lefkas.
  • On the Google map below, you can zoom in in order to see where the school is located.
  • For information about Lefkada, travel info, and much more, please visit our Lefkada page.
  • If you wish, we will book accommodation for you at the Agatha Pension, where classes are also held.
    Please visit our Accommodation page
  • What our students write or say!

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Course location