Greek Private Lessons

Greek private lessons, or one-on-one teaching makes it possible for you to learn the Greek language at your own pace. Whatever your need—be it preparing for a specific goal, focusing entirely on developing your speaking skills, or having flexible hours—we can design just the right course for you. A private Greek course at Omilo offers you tailor-made lessons according to your needs, interests and preferences. Let us know how much time you have, what your Greek language level is, your expectations, your learning style and your budget, and we will be happy to discuss with you a program that will suit your needs.

If you are looking for an intensive learning schedule, you can have a look at the packages below.

Dates & prices 

1 | Regular Private Lessons

Location:  Athens, at the school in Maroussi (North Athens, and 300 meters from the Maroussi metro station)
Hours:      Minimum 5h 

When:       At any time from October till mid July, except for periods when 1-or 2 week intensive courses are taking place in or outside Athens.

To know the exact dates and times when your lessons can take place, please contact us. After you inform us about your availability, we will look at the teachers’ schedules and send you our proposal.

1 person€38,00/hour*
2 persons**€50,00/hour

*     More options and reduced prices in the intensive packages below (option A and B). 
**   2 persons in one course have to be at the same level.

2 | Packages – Intensive weeks of private lessons

A.  intensive weeks of private lessons in Athens (min 6 hours/week)

Location:   Athens, at the school in Maroussi (North Athens, and 300 meters from the Maroussi metro station).
When:        Between October and mid July (*)

(* due to our intensive 1-and 2-week courses, we do not have always teachers available for extra intensive weeks of private lessons. Therefore, please communicate first with us, to see if your desired time period/schedule will be available)

The “Intensive Individual Courses“ are offered to those who wish to start or perfect their knowledge of the Greek language in a brief period with an immersion program. These courses cater to work or study requirements as well as to cultural or professional needs.

Lessons are offered per week but can start on any weekday (for example Monday till Friday, or Wednesday till Tuesday, etc.). There are no lessons on Sunday. Times for these lessons can be arranged as needed. From four  lessons per day, you will have two teachers.

Included for all packages: your course materials, coffee or tea.

Hours/weekdayTotal hours/weekTotal price/week
Option A315€530,00
(You save €40,00)
Option B420€700,00
(You save €60,00)

B. Private lessons + cultural activities  (Athens and Syros island)
(Those lessons take place during the same days as the intensive group courses)

Location: Athens, Syros

The “Individual Language and Culture Courses“ are offered to those who wish to start or improve their knowledge of the Greek language, while also joining in on the various cultural activities together with the group participants.  Instruction takes place between 15.00 and 18.00.  

You can opt for a 1-week or 2-week package “Greek language and culture”.

Hours/timeTotal hours/packagePrice
1 week210 (5 teaching days)€650,00
2 weeks218 (9 teaching days)€900,00

Included: your course materials, tavern meal on arrival day, cultural activities organized during the specific intensive group course.
The activities take place after 18.00, so you will always have the possibility to join the group.

For group course dates and info about the cultural activities, click below

1-week courses 
2-week courses

These packages are always for one person, it is not possible to share these packages with two or more people.

For participants who wish extra private lessons, while also taking an intensive group class.

During our 1- or 2-week intensive courses in Athens, Lefkada and Syros, extra private tuition, if desired, is possible for those following the group course in the morning .Tuition takes place between 15.00 and 18.00.

Due to the busy schedule of our teachers during intensive courses, it is not possible to take more than 2 hours of private lessons per day. 

1 Student€45,00/hour
2 StudentsNot Possible

About the course

Greek courses at Omilo help students develop all four language skills: speaking, listening reading and writing. During the lessons, the teacher will guide you in acquiring and practicing both vocabulary and grammatical structures, keeping a balance between theory and practice. “Speaking the language” is in general something our teachers try to focus on, unless you prefer a different approach.

Apart from learning the Greek language quickly and effectively, with a private course you can choose the topics, vocabulary, or grammar that interest you the most in order to achieve any specific objectives you may have for personal use or in your profession. You can of course discuss your goals and expectations with the Omilo teacher, who will personalize a program for you accordingly.

Useful information

Good to know

For regular private lessons in Athens (usually 1 or 2 times/weekly)

  • One teaching hour = 55 minutes
  • In case you need to cancel a scheduled lesson, you must inform your teacher by email, at the latest 48 hours before the scheduled time. In case you cancel later than 48 hours before the lesson, this lesson will be charged.
  • The hours of every contract should be completed within six months after contract date (the months July & August are not counted for courses in Athens as we do not offer private lessons during this period in Athens).
  • Course materials: after your placement test, the teacher will inform you as to which book/materials will be needed  and  let you know whether or not it is necessary to buy a textbook. All recommended  textbooks can be found either at the Omilo school (at € 30,00 per book) or at almost any bookshop in Greece.

For the packages – intensive weeks of private lessons  (more than 6 hours per week)

  • One teaching hour = 55 minutes
  • If you need to cancel a lesson during your stay, you can ask your teacher at least 24 hours in advance,  if he/she has availability to do the lesson  another day/time during the week. However, if the teacher has no availability due to his/her teaching programme, the lesson will be charged.
    If you cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance, or the same day, the lesson will be charged.
  • For the weekly “Packages”: the programs are organised per week and the course materials are included in the price. For prices, see above. It is important to note that due to the intensive nature of these programs and the commitments of our teachers, private lessons cannot be canceled once they commence. Consequently, the payment and cancellation procedures for these private lessons are the same as those applied to our 1- and 2-week intensive courses.

Language levels

Private lessons are available for all language levels. The teacher adapts the course according to the language needs of each student. By visiting our language levels page, you will get a better idea about the differences between one language level and another. If you do not know your exact level, you can ask us to send you a test by email.

Location & additional info

  • Private courses in Athens take place at our Maroussi school (North Athens)
  • On the Google map below you can zoom in in order to see where the school is located.
  • If you want to find easy directions as to how to reach the school, please visit the Maroussi school location page
  • For information about Athens, travel info, and much more, please visit our Athens page.
  • If you would like us to book accommodation for you in Athens, please visit our Accommodation page.

Course location