Free eBooks to learn Greek

For Beginners – How To Greet in Greek – Greek Speaking Starter Kit

Learn Greek in a fun way, and Speak Greek From Today. Learn how to Greet in Greek, in any occasion or situation! + Audio + Videos

For Intermediate Levels – Easy Greek Stories Podcast – Notebook #1

Listen to the podcast and learn more Greek with the companion notebook;
It includes the podcast and video links, Greek transcript, English translation,  vocabulary list, and exercise to practice grammar.

For Intermediate 2 / Advanced ; Greek To My Ears – Free Audio & eBook

Improve your listening skills with this eBook, while discovering Greek Traditions and Celebrations. Audio-texts, Greek transcript and English translations included

All levels – Free eBook + Audio “Greek Wishes For Every Occasion”

Learn Greek in a fun way with popular Greek wishes you can say on many occasions in Greece! Audio and English translations included.
(Useful for all language levels)

Free eBook + Audio – How to say “See you!” in Greek

In Greece, you hear every day:Τα λέμε [ta leme] OR Θα τα πούμε  [tha ta poome] See you. Do no confuse with Θα δούμε  [tha doome] , we will see. Learn how to use each one with this eBook.

Free eBook + Videos “Vocabulary For Beginners 1 Level”

Learn useful daily vocabulary and watch videos with extra grammar explanations.
(Useful for Beginners 1 and 2 levels)

Free units of Greek language books

Free unit of the Language Book ‘Φύγαμε για ελληνικά!’ (Off we go to learn Greek!), + Audio

Improve your Greek reading & listening skills and enrich your vocabulary.
(For Intermediate levels)

Free Unit of The Easy Reader: “Lydia, A Summer in Greece” + Audio

Lydia's story is an Easy Reader in Greek and includes an Audiobook, as well as a vocabulary list in English.
(For Beginner’s levels A1 and A2)

From Omilo 2U! Free monthly dose of sunshine!

Once per month Omilo writes a News Flash in English and Greek, with positive news from Greece.

Updates, tips and facts + 3 articles to help you learn Greek.

Do not miss this valuable information, on Greece and the Greek Language. 100% Free!

Use this monthly dose of sunshine, to build your Greek vocabulary, reading comprehension, as well as your listening skills with Audio.

From Greece with love

Free audios, podcasts and videos

Listen to our Greek audio files on various subjects related to Greece and Greek culture. By doing so on a regular basis, you will improve your Greek listening skills.

A perfect way to listen to Greek and learn more about Greece, while walking, traveling, commuting, working in your garden…

Are you a visual learner and you love to watch videos about Greece, as well as language videos to learn Greek?

Then check out the Omilo Greek Language and Culture channel on YouTube, and Subscribe 😉

Tired of searching for “daily Greek language” Podcast online?

Search no more! Our monthly podcast will give you the boost you need to learn about Greece while improving your Greek listening skills.
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