Easy Greek Stories Podcast – Story + Companion Notebook #1

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Podcast: Easy Greek Stories

If you are at an intermediate level in Greek,  the Omilo Podcast is perfect to boost your listening skills.
It also helps you learn common everyday Greek vocabulary and real life situations in Greece.

In this podcast you can listen to every story first at a slow reading pace, followed by the same story read at a normal Greek native speaking pace,
as well as an extra vocabulary list at the end.

The stories are written by Maya Andreadi and narrated by native Greek speakers and teachers at Omilo.

Every 2nd month one new Greek story. Join us, it is free!

(Note: this podcast is not a Greek course and the episodes don’t follow “a step-by-step grammar or difficulty sequence”.)


Free digital (and printable) Notebook 

In this episode, Eva reads a story about Eleni and her summer house on the island of Naxos.

If you like to improve your Greek even more, then every podcast has a notebook, a digital eBook, which you can also print yourself.
It includes the Greek transcript, English translation,  vocabulary list, exercises to practice grammar (with answer key), and extra info related to the story and Greece.
Also, the video link + Greek subtitles is included, as well as the podcast links

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Where can I listen to the Greek Podcast?

Download the free eBook for Story 1, and you will find the links to the Podcast channels at
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For  the Intermediate Language Level in Greek

The podcast is aimed at the Intermediate Greek Language Level.
So the text and audio might be difficult for beginners and easy for advanced learners, but it is still useful to practice your listening skills.

Is this really free? Absolutely!

We love to share with you free materials, that we hope you’ll find useful and that give you the motivation to improve your Greek Language Skills.

We hope you will enjoy this free eBook, and keep us in mind next time you need more Greek language learning support!


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Happy listening and enjoy your Greek Language Journey!

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