Greek Language Course in Athens – 1 week

An intensive Greek language course in Athens is ideal to improve your knowledge of the Greek language and practice to speak Greek, while discovering this fascinating  capital of Greece at the same time. After completing an intensive program, you will feel much more self-confident when using the Greek language and will be motivated to start communicating in Greek. The morning classes focus on vocabulary, grammar and speaking exercises, while the afternoon activities are the perfect opportunity to put the theory into practice. Moreover, you get to see Athens from a local point of view.

Dates & prices 

Starting dateEnding dateTotal hoursLevelsPrice
Monday 12/02/2024Saturday 17/02/202418+4All
(see schedule below)
Monday 04/03/2024Saturday 09/03/202418+4All
(see schedule below)
Monday 01/04/2024Saturday 06/04/202418+4All
(see schedule below)
Monday 13/05/2024Saturday 18/05/202418+4All
(see schedule below)
TUESDAY 29/10/2024
(monday 28/10 is a National Holiday)
SUNDAY 03/11/202418+4All
(see schedule below)
Monday 25/11/2024Saturday 30/11/202418+4All (see schedule below) €690,00
  • teaching schedule:
    10.00 -13.00 classroom + 13.15-14.15 (lunch or lecture)  for BEG2, INT1, INT2
    14.30 – 17.30 classroom  + 13.15-14.15 (lunch or lecture) for BEG1, ADV1, ADV2

    * for the exact programme of the 1-week courses in Athens, read the info below

    (if you prefer a 2-week course, then click here)


About the Greek Language course in Athens

Discover more with this video!

How the course starts?

Students for the morning classes (depending on the level) are welcomed in the
Maroussi school (North Athens) on the indicated arrival date at 10.00.
Students for the afternoon classes (depending on the level) are welcomed at the school at 13.00.
You will be asked to take a brief placement test after your registration,
or on the first school-day, so that we can determine the level that is best for you.

At 13.15 on the first day , you are invited to enjoy a tavern lunch in Maroussi (included in the course price).
This way you will get to know the other participants and teachers and learn some more daily Greek vocabulary!
During the lunch we will also inform you about the afternoon activities and cultural program during the next days.

The course materials will be given to you by Omilo and are included in the price.
The Omilo teachers are qualified and very experienced,
and the small size of the groups (max. 5) enables them to consider the individual wishes and needs of the participants.

Omilo knows that having fun is an essential part of learning. It’s when you are happy and relaxed that you are most able to begin using what you have learned in class in a natural way. Therefore Omilo organizes, in addition to the intensive Greek classes in the morning, various social and cultural activities during the afternoons.

Click here or on the photo below and listen to what our students say (from different countries)


Useful information

What is included

  • 18 hours of Greek lessons in the classroom (per level)
    + 4 hours extra conversation/listening ;
  • 1 tavern meal  with teacher on the first course day (lunch)
  • 2 extra tavern meals with teacher –> conversation practice
  • 2 lectures (in Greek and English) related about Greece and Greek culture –> listening
  • Course materials
  • Guided walks in Athens
  • A visit to museum or concert (if available during your course. Entrance ticket not included)
  • Coffee and tea during the breaks

(! Fees do not include : travel expenses, travel insurance, accommodation, extra meals, …).

Group info

  • Courses are intended for adults of 26+ as well as seniors of every nationality and language level.
  • Small classes, maximum of 5 students per class/language level
    (average size per class = 3)
  • 3 hours/day when there are 2 to 5 students per language level
    2 hours/day when there is 1 student per language level (for the same course fee)
  • Meals, lectures and cultural activities are for everybody

Language levels

  • During this one-week Greek course, there are 3 language levels in the morning and 3 in the afternoon
  • If you want to learn more about what each language level means, please visit the Language Level Page.
    When registering for a course, you are asked to indicate your level and give us some extra information about the materials you have used, how much instruction you already had, etc. However, since all participants speak various languages, have used different course materials in their countries or have studied with different teaching methods, we will ask you to take a brief placement test before arriving in Greece (or on the first day of the course) in order to be sure about your level and assign you to the appropriate class.

griekse cursus

Daily schedule

There are 6 course days; From Monday till Saturday
(exception; the 29th October class – from Tuesday till Sunday )

  • 10.00 -13.00 (class lessons) + 13.15-14.15 (lunch or lecture)  for BEG2, INT1, INT2 levels
    14.30 – 17.30 (class lessons)  + 13.15-14.15 (lunch or lecture)  for BEG1, ADV1, ADV2 levels
  • From Monday till Friday, and from  13.15 till 14.15 there will be an organized lunch or lecture (included)
  • The last day of the course is Saturday, with ONLY classes.
  • The course ends on Saturday at 13.00 or at 17.30 (depending on the level)
  • Group lessons are 50 minutes. There will be a break of 30 minutes every day.

Location & additional info

Course location