Greek Courses On The Island of Syros | 1-Week Group Lessons

For those who want to learn Greek or improve their Greek communication skills in combination with a fantastic cultural holiday, a one-week intensive course on the island of Syros is the perfect choice!
(there is also an option to join a 2-week course, which is even better for your Greek of course)

You will learn the basics of Greek or improve your Greek language skills at every level, with plenty of time left over for sightseeing, relaxing on the beach and exploring the island of Syros and its capital Hermoupolis.

Our interactive methods of teaching are made to satisfy communication needs for every level: during your classes you can fully focus on improving your Greek language skills, and in the afternoons / evenings you can put the theory into practice.
On Syros, you can easily practice your Greek with the locals.

Omilo also offers several free activities, during which you learn more about the “real Greece” and Greek culture.
The island of Syros is famous not only for its capital, Hermoupolis, but also for its rich history and the Aegean festival as well as other summer festivals and rebetiko music.

Of course, you can also relax on the beautiful beaches which are just seconds away from the course location.

Do not only take it from us! Click below to listen what our students, from various countries, say about their course.

Omilo YouTube Testimonials

Note; Omilo was founded in 1996 and organizes intensive summer courses on the island of Syros since 2005.
There are a lot of “testimonials” and it is impossible to show them all. However, if you are curious, and would like to have a better idea of what our students say during the last 5 years, then you can click here and find much more feedback on our YouTube channel.

Dates & Prices 2024

Starting dateEnding dateTotal hoursLevelsPrice
Sunday 07/07/2024
till Sunday 14/07/2024
(NOTE; there are another 6 places left for the 2 week course from 7/7 till 19/7, see at
All760 €
Sunday 21/07/2024till Sunday 28/07/2024
(7 days, 6 days of lessons)
24All760 €
FRIDAY 23/08/2024

till Friday 30/08/2024
(7 days, 6 days of lessons)

24All760 €
Sunday 15/09/2024

2 places left, depending on your level
till Sunday 22/09/2024
(7 days, 6 days of lessons)
24All760 €
If you are interested in a 2-week course, then go to

Teaching schedule for Beginners 2 till Advanced levels:


Note: Teaching schedule for Absolute Beginners and Beginners 1 :
15.00 – 18.00

The Absolute Beginners course (starting from the Greek alphabet), as well as the Beginners 1 course,  is organized in a different way than the other language levels: Lessons take place during the afternoons from 15.00 till 18.00 .
You will have 3 hours/day in a class of max. 4 students
(or 2 hours/day when there is only 1 student in the level) for the same course fee.

Of course, you can participate in all the group activities, which always take place after 18.00.

We recommend to register for the Beginners 1 course, and learning the Greek Alphabet before coming to Greece.
It will make your experience and Greek lessons much more fun.
If you need help with learning the Greek Alphabet,  you are welcome to book/complete our online alphabet course, at least one month before the course in Greece starts.

For the other levels, from Beginners 2 till Advanced, read more info below.

About the course on Syros island

On the indicated arrival date (see above) of your course, the Omilo team will welcome you at 19.00 in the Syros School, situated at the Echo House in the village of Azolminos, 4km south of the port city of Hermoupolis.

You will be introduced to the teachers and other participants, and the program will be explained as well as all the options for the musical or theatre performances in Hermoupolis.
At around 20.00 all students are invited to enjoy a tavern meal in a local Greek tavern in Azolimnos; this is included in the course price. It is the perfect moment to get to know the other participants, talk to the teachers, taste Greek food and start communicating in Greek.

The following day your Greek classes begin. On the first day of the course, students will be asked to take a brief placement test which will help the team decide which class is best for you. The course materials will be given to you in class and are included in the price.

You will have six days of classes, ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
The last day of classes is on Sunday, finishing at 14.00. (The Beginners’ levels finish at 17.00)
On Thursday you will have no classes; thus, you will have an opportunity to explore the island, relax on the beach, study your Greek vocabulary or participate in one of the activities on offer.

EXCEPTION; The August course starts on a Friday, and ends on a Friday!;
Lessons on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ( Tuesday is a free day)

Discover more with this video

syros island

Useful information

For the Terms and Conditions , click here

What is included

  • 24 hours of classes, if your class has a minimum of 3 students (see below)
  • 6 teaching days
  • course materials
  • One tavern meal (arrival day)
  • One Greek dance class
  • Guided walk in Hermoupolis
  • Lecture/game related to Greek culture or music
  •  In addition, you have the possibility of attending various concerts and performances (extra charge) during the Syros summer festivals, depending upon the dates of the course you have booked.

Group info

  • These courses are intended for adults of 26+ years of age, including seniors, of every nationality and language level.
  • 4 hours/day when there are 3 to 8 students per language level
  • 3 hours/day when there are 2 students per language level
    2 hours/day when there is 1 student in a language level
    for the same course fee

Language levels

  • There are six language levels possible (the average amount of language levels per course is between four and six)
  • If you want to learn more about what each language level means, please visit the Language Level Page.
    When registering for a course, you are asked to indicate your level and give us some extra information about the materials you have used, how many courses you have already taken, etc. However, since the participants speak various languages, have used different course materials in their countries or have studied with different teaching methods, we will ask you to take a brief placement test on the first day of the course so that we can determine the class that is best suited to your needs.

Greek in Syros  

Daily schedule

  • Courses take place between 10:00 and 14:00 h for Beginners 2 till Advanced levels
    ( for Abs. Beginners and Beginners 1 levels; 15.00-18.00 h, see above)
  • The last day of the course, classes finish at 14.00 or 18.00 (depending on level)
  • There will be a break of 30 minutes every day
  • At least 4 afternoon activities are offered. Most of the activities last from 2 to 4 hours.
  • You will have six days of classes, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    The last day of classes is Sunday
  • Thursday is a free day, so you have time to relax, go to the beach, or explore the island.

Location & additional info

  • The course takes place at the Echo House, next to the beach in the village of Azolimnos,
    which is situated 4 km south of the capital city, Hermoupolis.
  • On the Google map below you can zoom in in order to see where the school is located.
  • For information about Syros, travel info, and much more, please visit our Syros Page.
  • If you would like us to book accommodations for you, please visit our Accommodation Page.

greek in greece

Course location