Free Unit of The Easy Reader: “Lydia, A Summer in Greece” + Audio

Lydia Easy Reader

Download a Free Unit of Lydia: A summer in Greece!
Read & listen to the first chapter of the short story: 

This Easy Reader for the Beginners levels will help you learn Greek and :

  • Improve your Greek reading and listening skills (Audio links included)
  • Build or revise your Greek vocabulary gradually and in a natural way
    The book features:
  • plenty of dialogues covering a great variety of everyday topics, such as: Introducing myself / Talking about my family / Ordering in a coffee–shop or a tavern / Arranging a meeting / Asking for or Giving directions / Hobbies / Shopping / Traveling / Describing a city
  • short, easily–manageable chapters
  • illustrations that show the reader clearly the essential elements of the story
  • footnotes with explanations of words in Greek
  • footnotes with synonyms of words
  • footnotes with the present tense of verbs found in the text
  • an Audio with all of the story, recorded by native Greek speakers
  • a selected vocabulary from each chapter translated into English (included in the book)

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The book comes with an English vocabulary list (included)
However, the vocabulary is also available in French, German and Turkish

Good to know: Apart from reading this Easy Reader, it is also possible to purchase its companion Workbook, and improve your Greek.
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Download here your free Unit, of the story Lydia: A summer in Greece!  and start reading in Greek.
This Easy Reader is written especially for Beginner learners of Modern Greek (at Α1 / early stages of A2 level)
Audio link included

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