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Let’s Learn About The Region Fthiotida, Mainland Greece

Ας μάθουμε λίγα πράγματα για την περιοχή της Φθιώτιδας στην Ελλάδα! We are happy to announce that a new experienced teacher, Myrto Yfanti,  starts working at Omilo. Myrto already was teaching for Omilo during the September 2020 course on the island of Syros and was very enthusiastic to meet so many interested students, from all […]


Zonaradikos – A Greek Traditional Dance From Thrace

Although keeping hands of non-family members is not that simple in corona-times, there are always ways to…..dance! We are looking forward to welcoming our students soon in Greece again and teaching them some Greek traditional dance steps! It is one of those afternoon activities most students love; either to really dance and learn new steps, […]

How Omilo Was Founded in 1996 – Maya tells her story

In 2021 Omilo celebrates 25 years! However, a celebration in corona times is no fun, so we are waiting for a better moment 🙂 In the meantime, Maya and Dimitris (founders of Omilo) as well as several teachers will participate in interviews, videos and podcasts. This page belongs to CHAPTER 1 – How It All […]