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Greek Netflix Series – Maestro in Blue | Omilo

The Greek Netflix Series, Maestro in Blue, is the first Greek TV series to make it to Netflix and it’s been localised into several languages, which means you can watch it with subtitles for a little bit of help if you’re a beginner or intermediate student of Greek. From what we hear from our Omilo […]


Greek Songs Which Became International Hits | Omilo

Greek songs which also became international hits, are more than you might think! However, few people today realize that some classic songs were actually written by Greek composers, When you regularly visit, you definitely have understood that  music  plays a very important role in the life of Greeks. In joy and sorrow, Greeks sing. And […]

The Great Chimera – A Classic Greek Novel

The Great Chimera is a Classic Greek Novel, which is for sure worth it to discover, by reading it in Greek, or the translation in another language. This Greek novel is written by M. Karagatsis and is considered a modern Greek classic. It tells the story of a young French woman, Marian, who falls in […]

A Crossword related to Greek Mythology

A crossword related to Greek Mythology is another way to learn Greek.  Learning Greek is a hobby for life, so from time to time you have to find fun and new ways of learning to keep yourself motivated. So, if you reached an advanced level in the Greek language, you might also try a crosswords […]

A Greek traditional song ; Vassiliki

A Greek traditional song , Vassiliki, is at the same time a traditional dance ; the zonaradikos.   The ideal combination to learn some Greek vocabulary, learn about Greek music, while enjoying a Greek line dance. By listening to the song, or watching the video of the dance, most likely many of our students who attended […]

Greek Easter Celebrations on Corfu island

Celebrating Greek Easter on Corfu island is a bit different and more extravagant than in other locations in Greece.  Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Greek Orthodox calendar, and it is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all over Greece. The island of Corfu, located in the Ionian Sea, is known […]


The Epidaurus Amphitheatre in Greece | Omilo

When visiting Greece, it is not just about eating delicious food in taverns and going to the beach, but most travelers, including Omilo students, also love to visit ancient Greek sites, attend Greek concerts, or theatre  productions, while learning more about Greek culture and history. Well, here is the good news, by visiting the beautiful […]