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Contemporary and Popular Greek Sculptures in Greece

We are all familiar with ancient Greek statues, but what about modern Greek art?  Greece has many known artists and sculptors, also internationally known. Let’s discover more about the  installations and sculptures by artists Varotsos and Zongolopoulos in Athens, Thessaloniki and our favorite island, Syros! (on the photo above you can see Omilo students during […]

A Contemporary Greek Film: Words Apart

Watching films in Greek is a fun way to spend an evening at home and improve your Greek listening skills at the same time. The Greek movie “Worlds Apart” – Ένας Άλλος Κόσμος – is a movie we can recommend for sure. At Omilo, we often organise film nights during the 1- and 2-week Greek language and […]


Summer cinema in Greece

Summer in Greece!  Beautiful beaches, blue water, white houses and unforgettable sunsets spontaneously pop into your mind. Without a doubt, it is a very nice part of the Greek summer. But this is not all…There are plenty of other options to make your holiday even more interesting.  One of them is a romantic one: the […]

A Walk In Picturesque Ano Syros | Omilo

Are you interested in visiting the island of Syros? If yes, don’t miss the opportunity to witness some traditional Cycladic architecture in Ano Syros. Just a ten-minute taxi or bus ride from the capital and the port of the island, Hermoupolis, it is the perfect location for a walk with beautiful views to the Aegean […]


How To Travel To Syros Island, From Athens Or Mykonos

 Omilo welcomes students to Syros island, for the 1- and 2-week Greek Language and Culture courses, which take place in summer, between June and September. For all the details and course dates of  the 1-week courses, click here For all the details and course dates of the 2-week courses, click here Here below you find […]