How to travel to Syros island, from Athens or Mykonos? Because Omilo organizes Greek Language and Culture courses on the island of Syros during the summer months, this is a question many Omilo students are asking us frequently.
First of all, if you looking for a 1- or 2-week course during summer, then click below and check out the dates and availability

For all the details and course dates of  the 1-week courses, click here

For all the details and course dates of the 2-week courses, click here

Second, here below you find details, tips and useful information on how most students travel from their country to the course location on Syros island.

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The Winter started ,  so a good time to relax or have some “Christmas Holiday” fun…

We wish you a very nice Christmas and Happy New Year


Ο χειμώνας άρχισε . Ώρα να ξεκουραστείς και να περάσεις καλά…
Σας ευχόμαστε Καλά Χριστούγεννα & Ευτυχισμένος ο Καινούργιος Χρόνος

This period goes together with lights, many lights, as well as presents and happy music!  Also, the orange and neratzi trees all over Greece, look like happy creative Christmas trees. We are all bombarded with negative and worrying news, as well as unpleasant monthly bills, so those lights, Christmas carols, and gift-shopping,  are perfect to give you some  ‘FG – Feel Good’ -vitamins!

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Flashback to the Greek Language and Culture courses of 2022

What a season! We would like to thank all our students that joined the Intensive Greek Language programs in 2022 so far,
as well as those
purchasing the Omilo Publications,
taking online lessons,
supporting us on social media,
writing thank you emails,
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

Τι περίοδος! Θα θέλαμε να ευχαριστήσουμε όλους τους συμμετέχοντες που πήραν μέρος στα μαθήματα Ελληνικών του Ομιλώ για το 2022, καθώς επίσης και όσους αγόρασαν τις δημοσιεύσεις του Ομιλώ, παρακολούθησαν διαδικτυακά μαθήματα και μας υποστήριξαν στα social media, έγραψαν ευχαριστήρια emails, κ.λπ…

After two difficult Corona years, 2020 and 2021,  and working a lot in front of the computer, we are happy we could welcome our students again in Greece,  in Nafplion (Easter), Lefkada (June) and Syros (July-August-September). In 2022 we were back to 70% of our usual programs. Unfortunately, it was still too risky to organize the Athens programs in spring 2022, but in a month we will also welcome students in our beloved Athens again.

Μετά από δύο δύσκολα χρόνια κορωνοϊού, το 2020 και το 2021, κατά τη διάρκεια των οποίων δουλέψαμε πολύ στον υπολογιστή, είμαστε πολύ χαρούμενοι που μπορέσαμε να υποδεχτούμε τους μαθητές μας πάλι στην Ελλάδα, στο Ναύπλιο (το Πάσχα), στη Λευκάδα (τον Ιούνιο) και στη Σύρο (από τον Ιούλιο μέχρι τον Σεπτέμβριο).
Το 2022 καταφέραμε να επιστρέψουμε στο 70% των συνηθισμένων προγραμμάτων μας. Δυστυχώς, ήταν ακόμα πολύ επίφοβο να οργανώσουμε τα προγράμματα της Αθήνας την άνοιξη του 2022, αλλά σε έναν μήνα θα υποδεχτούμε μαθητές στη λατρεμένη μας Αθηνά ξανά!

What our students say!

Before we will announce the 2023 course dates (still brainstorming and working on it at the moment, and you will hear more about it in November) and before we will show Athens to our next group, here a small selection of some comments and feedback we received during the 2022 courses, from students as well as teachers !

Πριν ανακοινώσουμε τις ημερομηνίες των προγραμμάτων του 2023 (ακόμα δουλεύουμε πάνω σε αυτό) και πριν δείξουμε την Αθήνα στο επόμενο γκρουπ, εδώ θα δεις μια μικρή συλλογή από μερικά σχόλια και ανατροφοδότηση που πήραμε κατά τη διάρκεια των προγραμμάτων του 2022, τόσο από μαθητές όσο και από καθηγητές!

Thank you so much, and wish you a very nice autumn and winter.
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ και σας ευχόμαστε όμορφο φθινόπωρο και χειμώνα.

Maya και Δημήτρης
20 years





More Testimonials….

PS.1 Below just a few comments/feedback per course location.
If you want to read more feedback from students from all over the world, then click here and visit our “testimonial webpage”

ΥΓ 1. Παρακάτω θα δεις λίγα σχόλια για την κάθε περιοχή. Αν θέλεις να διαβάσεις περισσότερη ανατροφοδότηση από τους μαθητές μας από όλο τον κόσμο, μπορείς να επισκεφθείς τη σελίδα με τις κριτικές μας.

Photos and Video’s

Many photos have been posted on social media, and every group received their special Photo Album, with a facebook link. All photos are still available on Facebook.

PS2. We are very happy so many students are willing to say something on video, so you can get a better idea, with a nice background from Greece!  Click here and listen to different students on the YouTube Channel.
testimonials youtube
(Note; If you like what the students say, do not forget to “LIKE” the video as well, or add your comment under the video.
The last videos of September are not included yet, since Maya did not have time yet to edit and subtitle them, but they will be uploaded during winter.)

ΥΓ2. Χαρήκαμε πολύ που τόσοι μαθητές ήταν πρόθυμοι να πουν κάτι σε βίντεο! Έτσι, μπορείς να πάρεις μια καλύτερη ιδέα, με όμορφο φόντο από την Ελλάδα . Άκουσε διάφορους μαθητές μας στο κανάλι μας στο Youtube.

(Σημείωση: Αν σου αρέσουν αυτά που λένε οι μαθητές, μην ξεχάσεις να πατήσεις “LIKE” ή να γράψεις το σχόλιό σου κάτω από το βίντεο.
Τα τελευταία βίντεο του Σεπτεμβρίου δεν συμπεριλαμβάνονται, καθώς η Maya δεν είχε ακόμα χρόνο να τα επεξεργαστεί και να βάλει τους υπότιτλους).


Why students speak  in their mother tongue on the video and not in Greek?

Γιατί οι μαθητές στα βίντεο μιλάνε στη μητρική τους γλώσσα και όχι στα Ελληνικά;

Although students know Greek, and could also say many things in Greek, we usually advise them to talk on the video in their mother-tongue. The reason is that they can express themselves much better with the vocabulary and expressions they like to use, and they also feel better to be in front of a camera. Another reason is that sometimes “unwanted visitors” , who are not related to Omilo, watch those testimonials and write nasty comments under the video, in case the person makes a mistake in Greek. Unfortunately we can not control the internet, but we would like to protect our students from unnecessary comments. At Omilo, we all know your Greek is good, you improve, you try to speak, you love the language, but there is no reason to prove it for the entire digital world.

Αν και οι μαθητές ξέρουν Ελληνικά και θα μπορούσαν να πουν πολλά στη γλώσσα αυτή, συνήθως τους συμβουλεύουμε να μιλήσουν στο βίντεο στη μητρική τους γλώσσα. Ο λόγος είναι ότι μπορούν να εκφράσουν όσα θέλουν πολύ καλύτερα με το λεξιλόγιο και τις εκφράσεις που τους αρέσει να χρησιμοποιούν. Επίσης, έτσι αισθάνονται καλύτερα όταν βρίσκονται μπροστά από την κάμερα. Ένας άλλος λόγος είναι ότι μερικές φορές «ανεπιθύμητοι επισκέπτες» που δεν έχουν σχέση με το Ομιλώ, παρακολουθούν τις κριτικές και γράφουν άσχημα σχόλια κάτω από τα βίντεο, σε περίπτωση που ο μαθητής που μιλάει κάνει ένα λάθος στα Ελληνικά. Δυστυχώς δεν μπορούμε να ελέγξουμε το ίντερνετ, αλλά θα θέλαμε να προστατέψουμε τους μαθητές μας από περιττά σχόλια. Στο Ομιλώ, όλοι ξέρουμε ότι τα Ελληνικά σου είναι καλά, ότι βελτιώνεσαι, ότι προσπαθείς να μιλήσεις και ότι αγαπάς τη γλώσσα! Οπότε δεν υπάρχει λόγος να το αποδείξεις σε όλο τον ψηφιακό κόσμο. 


Ready to Travel with our students to Nafplion, Lefkada and Syros?


Greece is the most fantastic country.  Wherever you find yourself you discover a myriad of diverse places, history and nature – it is ever giving and I love it. In Nafplion, the week leading up to the Orthodox Easter, was the week of my intensive language and culture course with Omilo.

“What a wonderful week I had, nervous to begin with, we were set tests to determine our level and I found myself in a lovely group with five other participants from Germany, England, Norway, Austria and France.  We had two sessions of teaching every morning, conducted in Greek, really testing my concentration and listening skills and by the end of it I wanted to continue as I felt I was just beginning to loosen up.  I so want the language to flow and it’s not there yet.  After the moment, when I have time to think, I know exactly what I should have said but that doesn’t help.  I become a bit tongue tied in class and forget the simplest, most common verbs.  The teachers were empathetic, clear and inspiring.  I loved the dancing and singing and finding more about the Easter traditions and of course meeting such interesting people, all with a common love for Greece.”

Jinti, UK



Dear Omilo team!
You would also get 10 points from me 😀!!!
The course on Lefkada was beautiful! Learning Greek in such a great atmosphere with competent, funny teachers, super nice people from different countries and the beautiful ambience of this cute hotel overlooking the sea is a dream!!!
We learned a lot, talked and laughed. You really had a lot of work with the many groups and were always super nice and in a good mood!
The evening events were very interesting and it was also very nice that you could get in touch with all the students. It was all a lot of fun! I’m already looking forward to the next time 🤗!

Many greetings to all, from Uschi, Germany



I attended several courses with Omilo over the last 4 years.  I prefer the 2-week courses as it gives me enough time to practise my speaking skills and really achieve a better level of fluency. Omilo does not only offers excellent language lessons but a full cultural experience during the course. Although some programs are on the schedule every year (like there is always a walk in Ermoupolis at every course), the experience is never the same! There is always a new fact to learn, a new joke to laugh at, the company is excellent, and the programs are well organised. So, I keep attending all of them every year.
We also had regular updates about the local events and places to visit throughout the whole island: This year, on the top of Omilo s`s own events, I attended a concert in a lovely village, a spectacular theatre performance in an old factory, in Ermoupolis and another brilliant concert in Azolimnos. Maya and Dimitris do not just provide the information about these events but give all the information about how to get there or arranges the tickets if it is not easy to buy. At Omilo, I always feel very well looked after but at the same time I have to freedom to choose what I would like to do, how much I would like to rest or go out: perfect combination for a language learning vacation. I am truly grateful for my Greek learning experience with Omilo in Syros. It is a holistic cultural experience, not just a language course. I feel so welcome that arriving at Azolimnos in July feels like coming home. Maya is always ready to help whether I need accommodation, or local travel advice. The Omilo teachers are fantastic, they prepare they lessons and teach with professionalism, but they treat me as a beloved friend. I also like the “international” atmosphere of the course as the students are coming from all over the world and it is great to make acquaintances or even friends.Krisztina Paladi-Kovacs, Hungary
PS. I like the Omilo newsletters too: they are very informative and great reminders to continue my learning journey during busy month at home.

The best trip of my life, Greece! 🇬🇷 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷💙💙💙
After 18 years in love with the country I finally made it there. My dream came true. I did have very high expectations, as they increased over the years, but Greece indeed didn’t disappoint me at all. I went with my mum for the first days in Athens and that was already the best gift I could have. She’s the one who’s been madly in love with Greece, the language and the culture since a teenager and because of her I became like this.  I’m not sure who enjoyed more but I know we were both over the moon while discovering Athens. Also speaking Greek in front of her made her so happy, she’s living her life dream through me as she could never study it properly. In Canary Islands there weren’t any places to study Modern Greek and there aren’t many places in Spain as a whole (if any) to this day. During my stay, I think I fell even more in love with the country and the people. After 3 years studying Greek I could finally speak and put what I learned into practice. I did think I could get shy and not speak a word but It was totally the opposite. The moment I landed my Greek language adventure started. I spoke to everyone in Greek from the taxi driver to the pharmacist and they were so happy to hear a foreigner speak Greek.
My lessons at the Hellenic Centre in London have truly paid off and then my intensive lessons in Syros with the Omilo school have made me be much more confident, especially while speaking which is my weakness. The 1-week course I went for was proper intensive (the name did say so but I didn’t understand fully the meaning 😅). My teachers didn’t speak to us at all in English while on the lessons or even outside, except for occasions where we didn’t understand a word and we couldn’t get the meaning while they explained the meaning in Greek. Of course I didn’t have all the vocabulary and I was lost many times, but what matters is that you get the context of what they are talking about. It was very intensive and pretty scary initially but very efficient at the same time. I loved the challenge and I’ll definitely repeat next year. It was full immersion in Greek language and culture. We were taught also few Greek traditional dances and I absolutely loved it.
In Greece, I just feel at home and feel so happy when I’m there and I hear Greek everywhere I go. I couldn’t stop smiling and I was truly happy. I really didn’t want to come back and I was getting very emotional while saying bye to the Omilo school, classmates and when I took the flight back.  I did feel at home and I feel part of me belongs in Greece, it’ll be my holiday destination every year for sure.No other country can beat Greece for me (no offence to the others) it is just unique and has something magical that just drags me there. So, I wanted to thank especially the Omilo school, teachers and classmates for making me have a wonderful experience and a memory for life. I wasn’t born Greek but I’ll become one just give me few years to master the language. Τα λέμε σύντομα Ελλάδα! Σ’αγαπώ! 🥰💙🤍❤️🇬🇷
Cristina, Spain


Hello Omilo-team

I would like to share how much I love your materials! Really and truly, I learn so much from them. Sometimes I’m too quick to read them once and move on, when I should stick with one story longer, practicing it longer. I have just about everything from your site. I really enjoyed the easy short story #12, about Φάνης και Ντίλαν. It made me laugh.

Thank you for all the work you all do to help us learn the beloved Greek language!

Regards, Lisa Efthymiou, USA


text below was posted by teacher Myrto on her facebook profile 🙂

Άλλη μια υπέροχη περίοδος καλοκαιρινών εντατικών μαθημάτων ελληνικής γλώσσας και ελληνικού πολιτισμού του Ομιλώ έφτασε στο τέλος της, φορτώνοντάς μας με τα παρακάτω ανεκτίμητης αξίας δώρα.

Το πλοίο αυτό ξεχωρίζει από μακριά στο Αιγαίο, γιατί πλέει εκπέμποντας φως, ζεστασιά και μουσική, που συσσωρεύτηκαν από μοναδικές εμπειρίες, λαμπρούς ανθρώπους, ζεστές εγκάρδιες αγκαλιές, αστραφτερές γνώσεις, δυνατά γέλια, μελωδίες, γεύσεις, μυρωδιές, συζητήσεις, χορούς, βόλτες, πίνακες, μαρκαδόρους, φωτοτυπίες, κι άλλες φωτοτυπίες και γλυκά- πολλά γλυκά! Όσο απίστευτα γλυκιά ήταν για άλλη μια φορά αυτή η εμπειρία και οι άνθρωποι που την πλαισίωσαν…

Βάζουμε πλώρη και για άλλα ταξίδια.. Και του χρόνου!

Σ’ αγαπώ, Ομιλώ! ♡

Πολλή αγάπη σε όλους τους υπέροχους μαθητές αυτών των μηνών!

Dimitris, Maya, Eva, Κonstantinos, Marina είστε μοναδικοί όλοι, ο καθένας με τον δικό του τρόπο…
Γι’ αυτό και το Ομιλώ και όλο αυτό που ζούμε είναι μοναδικό!



Another wonderful season of Omilo’s summer intensive Greek language and culture courses has come to an end, loading us with the following priceless gifts.  This ship stands out from afar in the Aegean, because it sails emitting light, warmth and music, accumulated from unique experiences, brilliant people, warm heartfelt hugs, sparkling knowledge, loud laughter, melodies, tastes, smells, conversations, dances, walks, paintings , markers, photocopies, and more photocopies and sweets – lots of sweets! (note; the sweets that students brought from their countries)
How unbelievably sweet once again was this experience and the people who framed it…

We are setting sail for other trips… also next year! I love you, Omilo! ♡

Much love to all of this months wonderful students!

Dimitris, Maya, Eva, Konstantinos, Marina you are all unique, each in your own way…
That’s why Omilo and everything we live is unique!


We wish you a nice Autumn season, and hope to see you soon again. Stay in touch!

Καλή αντάμωση – Until we meet again!

Καλό φθινόπωρο – Wishing you a nice Autumn!

Καλά να περάσετε – Have fun!

Στο καλό – Goodbye, all the best!



PS. Interested in learning more typical Greek wishes? Then click here and download our free eBook

The Greek alphabet is unique and special. It has survived thousands of years without significant changes. From the times of Omiros and Platonas, in Byzantine and Kavafis, it ended up in our times with barely any changes to it.
The Omilo teachers are happy to help you learning this beautiful Greek Alphabet!
By the way, it is much easier than it might look.  
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What a period it was! Here can read some of our Corona Updates from Greece, written between 202o and 2022 and listen to a Greek Song About… Staying At Home!

In the meantime, 2022 started with some sunny days here in Greece, as well as some snow as well…
Our daily walks in the Athens streets and parks continued, just like in 2020 and 2021. However, since now there is no corona curfew anymore and we are allowed to go further than our municipality, we can also go for daily trips towards the snowy mountains again…something which was not possible last winter.

In the meantime, the world news seems once again taken over by ‘corona’,  or “omikron”. The positive news; we are honored Greek letters are used for a pandemic :-), and the entire world gets the chance to learn the Greek alphabet. We realized many non-Greeks have no clue that the viruses are named after letters of the Greek alphabet, but fortunately, our dear students are very well aware 🙂 .

Do you remember the days you were learning the Greek alphabet? Do you remember how many Greek letters come before the omikron, and what is the difference between omikron and omega?
In 2021 we already heard of the “alpha” (referring to the “British” variant), the “beta” ( “South African” variant), the “gamma”( the Brazilian variant), and the  “delta” (the “Indian” variant).
But how did we get to “omikron”, and why 10 letters of the alphabet are left out? 

Staying at home is still very important given the COVID-19 circumstances but it doesn’t have to feel dull. This is why we would like to introduce you to a funny and upbeat Greek song about – what else? – staying at home and relaxing!
#menoumespiti – #westayathome


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Accommodation on Syros island; where to stay?

If you only intend to visit Syros for just a night or two, we’d suggest choosing a hotel in Ermoupoli, the island’s beautiful capital. You’d want to spend at least a day in Ermoupoli, doing sightseeing, and exploring this fascinating city. Also, Ano Syros is a great location to spend two days, but far from beaches, and be prepared to walk a lot of steps.

However, since Omilo organizes
1- and 2-week courses on Syros island, in  Azolimnos, (4 km south of Hermoupolis)
we, therefore, suggest mostly accommodation close to the course location in the village of Azolimnos.

  1. Accommodation which is not online

Students usually do not have or rent a car, so we suggest accommodation at about 500 meters from the course location, and easy to walk to from the bus station or course location.
The suggested accommodation below are places where students stay regularly every year, and are at easy walking distance from the course location.

The Galaksi Pension.
When you are registered for a Greek course with Omilo in Syros (village of Azolimnos), we can book a room for you in the Family pension “Galaksi”.

The Galaksi pension is located on a small hill and has a beautiful sea view and a common garden/terrace. The hotel owners are also living there, so you will have a lot of contact. The owners do not speak foreign languages, so you will have the chance to use and practice your Greek!

Since the hotel owners are used to local Greek tourism and do not have a website, we can book the room for you and take care of the reservation. You find the prices on our website, and you can indicate your arrival and departure dates on the registration form. Info
However, there are only 6 rooms, so rooms are usually quickly fully booked.



Of course, there are many other options as well, for every taste and budget. See below

2. Accommodation in Azolimnos, which you can book online

If you prefer to book your own accommodation in Syros, you are very welcome to do so.

Here below you will find an easy search tool to see what is available in the village of Azolimnos and go ahead with booking your accommodation

a.You’ll find that hotels sometimes remove their listings in the off-season.

b.There will be more complete listings of hotels in Syros between April and October.

c. There are more available hotels and airbnb rooms than we mention below. You can search yourself with the form below

Below are some extra links and suggestions for accommodation in the village of Azolimnos, all at walking distance (between 5 and 10 minutes) from the beach and the Echo House, where the course takes place. So for all the options below, you do not need a car. You can walk to the course location, and use public transport to visit Hermoupolis and other villages/beaches.
Many Omilo students have stayed in those places during previous years and were all happy.

Convenient studios or rooms, all close to the beach,
and at easy walking distance to the course location.

(we only mention some hotel below, which our students have stayed often, and from which it is possible to walk without traffic or on small roads to the beach, bus stop and course location. you do not need to walk on the main road)


azolimnos hotels

Pension Cohili

studios with separate bedroom – behind a tavern and mini market, 100 meters from sea and bus stop, bus sea view for rooms on 1st floor

Pension Kois

studios with separate bedroom – and exactly next to Cohili, see above

Rooms Oasis

Located next to the Galaksi Pension, on the same hill.
Rooms, in different sizes. Some are with kitchenette and others without. Some rooms have a sea view, others do not…so make sure you know which room you book. Located at 300 meters from the beach and course location, on a hill. Beautiful sea view from the terrace, as well as from several rooms.
Very quite, since the road stops there, so no noise of any traffic.

Aegeo Studios and Rooms

(Note; Do not confuse this name with the other places mentions below; Aegean paradise and Aegean View Studios.  This name is pronounced in Greek ; “aegeo”)

Located next next to the Oasis and Galaksi Pension, on the same hill, but a bit higher than Galaksi, so you need to walk up,
Rooms, in different sizes. Some are with kitchenette and others without. Very quite, since the road stops there, so no noise of  traffic.
Located at 350 meters from the beach and course location, on a hill. Beautiful sea view from the terrace, as well as from several rooms.

Dias Studios

Convenient studios, exactly opposite to the beach, above a tavern, and opposite to a bar. Nice rooms, but you are at the corner of a street, where also busses pass.
If you are sensitive to traffic noice, or tavern noice, then this is maybe not the best option for July and August.
However, many students have stayed here, and they were all satisfied. Some rooms have sea-view, others not.

Aegean View Studio 1 and Studio 2

Convenient studios, exactly opposite to the bus stop, beach, and above the mini-market. Balcony overlooking the sea and seaside road. During summer it could be noisy, since it is in the heart of the village, and the bus stops in front, but convenient since you have everything you need within 100 meters, with a beautiful view.
Many students have stayed here and were very happy.

Aegean Paradiso

In case you prefer a bigger and more luxurious hotel, with a swimming pool , reception desk and breakfast buffet, then this is a good option. They are located about 150 meters from the beach and behind a minimarket and some houses. It is about 500 meters away from Echo House (where the lessons take place). Rooms are all different, with garden view, or swimming pool view and some with sea views.
(Note from our students; Very nice hotel, very good breakfast, but during July and August, the swimming pool is also often visited by guests and children not staying in the hotel, so it can get sometimes crowded and noisy.)


Vivianna’s view

Recently renovated hotels, with luxurious studios, at a quiet location in front of the sea. 500 meters walking distance to the Omilo school,  along the sea-side road.


Villa Anemona

4 studios with separate bedroom and kitchenette – quiet, at the end of the road, so no traffic and in front of the sea. The Greek owners are also living there, so you can practice your Greek.
(if you do not find them on booking, then more info on their website at Let them know you are an Omilo student, and you probably will get a reduction (for booking at least 1 or 2 weeks)


Below a map with some more info about the locations of the hotels, although you can also find it on of course



map of Azolimnos

azolimnos map

azolimnos map


Hermoupolis is a great location to stay some days before or after your Greek course.
The beautiful town of Ermoupoli is not only the capital of Syros, but also the administrative capital of all the Cycladic islands.
Founded during the Greek Revolution in the 1820s, it was for a time the main industrial and commercial center of the fledgling Greek state.

As Greece developed, Ermoupoli’s importance declined, but not before numerous neoclassical buildings were designed and built.

Today, visitors marvel at the town’s buildings and aesthetics as they walk the streets. It has a very different look and feel to other towns in the Cyclades. Take your time wandering around the main square and streets, you’ll enjoy it!


Ready to travel to Syros island, and book your Greek course?

Then you might also be interested to read;

ferries from Syros to other islands – CLICK HERE

Syros island, its culture and music – CLICK HERE

Visiting Mykonos and Delos for a day trip – CLICK HERE


Where to stay in Nafplion?

If you only intend to visit Nafplion for just a night or two, or for a longer time, we always suggest choosing a hotel or room in the old town of Nafplion. However, if you are coming by car, and you want to park your car close to your hotel, then you might look a bit out of the old town, since there is nearly no availability to park you car in the old town

However, since Omilo organizes a course in Nafplion,  and most of our students do not come by car, but by bus from Athens, we suggest looking for accommodation in the old town, and at walking distance from the school location.

Accommodation options in Nafplion 

Students usually do not have or rent a car, so we suggest accommodation within 500 meters from the course location, and easy to walk to the bus station and beach.

1. When you are registered for a Greek course with Omilo in Nafplion, we can book a room for you in the Leto Nuevo Hotel.

This hotel was fully renovated in 2016. It is located in the middle of the old city, at 10 minutes walk from the Omilo location in Nafplion and the Bus terminal (where busses from Athens arrive). For more information, prices, etc.. please click here.

Important Note; although the Hotel Leto Nuevo can be booked online, you will not find many rooms available for the period of our Naplion course. This is, because they blocked the rooms for Omilo, so students have the possibility to stay in the same hotel, and have time to book a room. Therefor the booking goes through omilo, and you can indicate on the registration form if you want us to book a room for you in the Leto or not.

2. Of course, there are many other options as well, for every taste and budget.

Convenient Hotels in Nafplion, which you can book yourself online

If you prefer to book your own accommodation in Naflion, you are very welcome to do so.

Here below you will find an easy search tool to see what is available in the old town of Nafplion, and go ahead with booking your accommodation.


Studios or rooms in the old town, all close to the beach, and easy walking distance to the course location.

Nafplion has many options, and it is difficult to suggest something.  below are just some ideas, of locations where our students have stayed often, and were very satisfied. If they are fully booked, then you can look for accommodation close to those Hotels, so you are sure the location is fine and close to the school

Pension Dafni

Gambello Rooms and suites

Aethra Boutique Rooms

Byron Hotel

Pension Eleni


Anemos Apartments ; (not in the old town, 600 meters walk to the school and old town, but convenient in case you come by car, and want to park closeby. rooms with and without kitchenette available.)


map of Nafplion, old town

Ready to travel to Nafplion with Easter, and book your Greek course?

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With the Omilo Greek Diary you can listen to the Dialogue About Teaching the first Greek course in Nea Makri, 1997

Listen to Conversations and true stories in Greek, while learning a little bit of Omilo history! : )

With the extra Greek-English transcript and parallel text, which you can find under the video, you can also build your vocabulary

Omilo was founded in 1996 by Maya and Dimitris Andreadis, and the very first Omilo Greek Language and Culture Course took place in the village of Nea Makri, Attiki, in July 1997.
Sophia was the first teacher at Omilo, and was teaching several courses during 1997 and 1998.

Click here to listen to the first podcast episode,  a dialogue between Dimitris and Sophia

Read more

In 2021 Omilo celebrates 25 years! However, a celebration in corona times is no fun, so we are waiting for a better moment 🙂
In the meantime, Maya and Dimitris (founders of Omilo) as well as several teachers will participate in interviews, videos and podcasts.

If you want to listen to more interviews in this chapter, click here.

Below is the first introduction by Maya (sorry for the bad quality of the recording! The next videos will be much of better quality)

Maya explains;
a. how Omilo came to life in 1996,
b. how and where the very first Greek Language and Culture course was organized in 1997,
c. how much fun we had…in times the internet did not exist yet 🙂 Read more

In 2021 Omilo celebrates 25 years! Unfortunately, a celebration in corona times is not ideal, so we will celebrate another year! 🙂
However, “the corona period” gave us some time to reflect, and write down history! There are so many memories and stories to tell.
Maya and Dimitris (founders of Omilo) as well as several teachers who were part of Omilo during the last 25 years, will participate in interviews, videos, and podcasts. Read more