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Syros island and amazing Hermoupolis

Syros island and Hermoupolis town, are locations our students love deeply. Every Summer, since 2005, Omilo organizes Greek Language and Culture Courses on the Cycladic island of Syros. After all those years, the island feels like a second home to the Omilo team, as well as to many returning students.

Ano Syros – A Journey through History and Culture

Visiting Ano Syros is like a journey through History and Culture. When you visit the island of Syros, do not miss the opportunity to go for a beautiful walk, and witness some traditional Cycladic architecture.  Just a ten-minute taxi or bus ride to Ano Syros, from the capital and the port of the island, Hermoupolis. […]

A Greek Parsley Dip From Syros Island

Did you ever try a Greek Parsley Dip? When we are on the island of Syros during the Greek summer courses, one of the things the Omilo team and students love, are the tavern meals, next to the sea. On Syros island there are some unique dishes worth discovering. Today we would like to share […]


Greek Songs Which Became International Hits | Omilo

Greek songs which also became international hits, are more than you might think! However, few people today realize that some classic songs were actually written by Greek composers, When you regularly visit, you definitely have understood that  music  plays a very important role in the life of Greeks. In joy and sorrow, Greeks sing. And […]

The Great Chimera – A Classic Greek Novel

The Great Chimera is a Classic Greek Novel, which is for sure worth it to discover, by reading it in Greek, or the translation in another language. This Greek novel is written by M. Karagatsis and is considered a modern Greek classic. It tells the story of a young French woman, Marian, who falls in […]

A Crossword related to Greek Mythology

A crossword related to Greek Mythology is another way to learn Greek.  Learning Greek is a hobby for life, so from time to time you have to find fun and new ways of learning to keep yourself motivated. So, if you reached an advanced level in the Greek language, you might also try a crosswords […]