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Since 2005 Omilo welcomes every summer many students from all over the world on the island of Syros.
Our students have three things in common: they love Greek culture, they want to learn the Greek language and they want to explore the “real Greece”.
For that reason, we chose to organize our summer courses in Syros.  

Where is Syros?

Syros has a perfect location, in the center of the Cyclades island group, just opposite to the very known islands of Tinos, Mykonos and Paros and only four hours by boat from Piraeus, Athens. Syros also has a national airport. You can find many photos and articles on the internet about this island with its rich history, nice beaches, good food, amazing architecture, etc.



Although other islands might have nicer beaches and more spectacular nature, one thing we never find elsewhere in Greece (except of the major cities), is the amazing cultural life and music scene. Syros’ people love the arts and music as much as they love the sea. The music schools in Syros are very popular, with many excellent young students.

Rembetiko music

Greece’s most traditional and distinctive music style is the “rebetiko”, also known as Greek blues. It is not always easy for tourists to find an authentic place to go to listen to some good rebetiko songs. Luckily in Syros there are still many places where you can hear Greek bouzouki players and rebetiko singers.
Click here to listen to Petros and his friends

Syros rebetica

Markos Vamvakaris, one of the most known Rebetika composers, musician and singer, was born in Syros in 1905 (he died in 1972).
Do not forget to visit the Museum of Vamvakaris in Ano Syros.
For more information about Markos Vamvakaris, and some famous songs, click here and read more



If you love to listen to Rembetica, then also take a look at this special eBook

rembetiko eBook

More music and festivals

However, Syros does not only offer Rebetica music, but something for all tastes.
The International Classical Music Festival, Hermoupolis Guitar Festival,
Ano Syros festival and Musical May are only some of the island’s internationally acclaimed annual festivals.

Last but not least, the Apollo Theater was fashioned after the famed La Scala Opera in Milan. Therefore it is sometimes called “La Piccola Scala.”
In 2014, it celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Apollo Theater is a key venue of another festival, the annual Festival of the Aegean. When attending an Omilo course during the months of July, August and September, most likely you will have the possibility to visit a performance in this beautiful theater.

Take a look on the video below of how the theatre looks like inside


Learning Greek on Syros island

During  a Greek course on Syros island you will not only learn and speak Greek, but also have many opportunities to attend various  cultural events ,
go for walks, enjoy shopping in Hermoupolis or just relax on the many beaches!

And if this is not enough, Omilo takes care of extra Greek afternoon activities
Are you in the mood to learn Greek, while discovering Syros with us?

Syros Island Video

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The Omilo team will be looking forward to welcoming you.