Learning Greek songs is always a popular activity during the 1- and 2 week  Omilo  courses.
There is a reason why we named our Greek Programs “Omilo Greek Language and Culture“, back in 1996!
There is no language without culture, and at Omilo the culture is as important as the language!
One of the activities usually incorporated in our intensive 1- and 2-week programs are “Learning Greek songs”.
Many students learning Greek, started their Greek Language Journey by listening to Greek music.
Greek music is very diverse, and there are many different styles. Impossible to get bored with Greek music!

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The Omilo song is there! After 27 years of organizing Omilo Greek Language and Culture courses, we are very happy to finally have a song!
And even more amazing that it is created and performed, by Omilo-students 🙂

We thank Stephanie (Canada) and Ellen (USA), for their  cooperation  during the Syros September course in 2023, and their  little concert .
Both students met for the first time during a Syros course, and joined forces.
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ.
We are definitely going to sing it together again 🙂

Under the video, you will find the lyrics, so you can sing along 🙂

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The most well known Greek New Year Song, is sang on December 31st!
Children will ring your doorbell early in the morning, and sing the New Year Carol – ta kalanta 

Of course, you can hear this New Year song also on the radio, and  maybe, you can also try to sing it yourself and impress your Greek friends ;-).

A song to say good bey to the “old year” and welcome the “new year”!

Although there are many variations and different songs, there is one song you will hear all over Greece.
Listen to the video, and read the text in Greek and English. Enjoy

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Do you like Greek music?  Σας αρέσει η ελληνική μουσική;

Maybe this is not an easy question to answer, since there are so many different genres of Greek songs and music.
Ίσως να μην είναι τόσο εύκολο να απαντήσετε σε αυτή την ερώτηση, αφού υπάρχουν πολλά είδη ελληνικής μουσικής.

You might like one particular genre, like Rembetiko, Pop, Rock, but maybe not another genre like Laika, Entechna…?

So a better question might be;
Which genre of Greek Music do you like? Or, do you like Greek entechna songs ?
But  with those questions,  many non-Greeks will not be able to answer them, since they do not know the names or the difference between the various musical genres, neither the time-period that particular music was created in Greece.
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Do you kow how to say Happy Birthday in Greek?  If you have been to Greece, most likely you have already heard the popular wish «Χρόνια πολλά».
It is not just used for Happy Birthday, but for many other occasions as well.

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A Popular Greek song, which most Greeks can sing along,  is for sure “Varka sto Gialo” – (Boat on the shore.)
Dive into the enchanting world of Greek music with this beloved song composed by Mikis Theodorakis. This timeless masterpiece has garnered a special place in the hearts of Greeks and music enthusiasts worldwide. And on top of that, you can also dance a Greek dance on the rhythm of this song

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A Greek traditional song , Vassiliki, is at the same time a traditional dance ; the zonaradikos.  
The ideal combination to learn some Greek vocabulary, learn about Greek music, while enjoying a Greek line dance.
By listening to the song, or watching the video of the dance, most likely many of our students who attended a Greek Language and Culture course in Nafplion, Lefkada or Syros, will recognize it 🙂
After the Greek lessons in the morning, a Greek dance lesson and learning a Greek song, is the ideal relaxation and entertainment for the afternoon!

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For many Greek language learners, Greek music is the reason why they started learning Greek. Music is a fun and interesting way to learn the language. You can listen at any time of the day and the lyrics can help you to expand your vocabulary, but also make you feel closer to Greece and the Greek culture.
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Building your Greek vocabulary with a Greek song, while listening to Greek music, is fun.
Below you can read the lyrics and listen to a very nice and popular Greek song by Rena Morfi.  

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Do you also like Greek music?  Who is your favorite singer?
We here present you… Eleftheria Arvanitaki! A renowned Greek singer with a career that spans four decades and is a strong favorite among Omilo students. Let’s learn more about her life and work!

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