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Manos Eleftheriou: Greek Author and Songwriter

Manos Eleftheriou , is a famous Greek author, songwriter. He also wrote poems as well as short stories. Since he was born and raised on the island of Syros (1938-2018), the Omilo students often hear his name while attending a course on the island. Manos Eleftheriou loved Syros and edited books about his island, specifically […]

The Island Of Lefkada (Lefkas)

Lefkada, also called Lefkas, is a beautiful Greek island in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece; south of Corfu, and North of Kefalonia island. The island is connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge. Because Omilo organizes every year a 1- and 2-week Greek Language and Culture courses […]


11 Greek Proverbs in 1 Song

11 Greek Proverbs in 1 Song will not help you only to memorize Greek proverbs, but also learn a lot about the Greek language and culture. The song we present you today is called “Proverbs”. It was written in 1987 by Melina Tanagri. So with this song, you will have “killed two birds with one […]


The Onassis Cultural Center or “Stegi”

The Onassis Cultural Center or “Stegi” is for sure something to visit, when staying some extra days in Athens. The name Onassis is a synonym of Croesus, of a very wealthy man. Aristotle Onassis, the so-called “Golden Greek”, became worldwide known for oil tankers and Olympic Airways. However, he did much more than that. Let’s […]


A popular traditional Greek dance ; The Kalamatianos

A popular traditional Greek dance is the “Kalamatianos”, which you can see or dance at every happy occasion in Greece (such as weddings,  celebrations, Easter Sunday, etc.). Also during the Omilo Greek Language and Culture courses, students are introduced to some Greek dancing steps, and practice the kalamatianos. Here an introduction about this dance, and […]

Greek Mythology Combined With Halcyon Days

Greek Mythology combined with Halcyon days! You might wonder what this means, but as in every country and season, there are natural phenomena. A Greek winter can be cold and in the mountainous areas, it always snows. However, every year there are also some very warm days with a lot of sunshine. They are called […]