The summer season started again, and already during the month of June,  we experienced the first heatwave of 2021. Higher temperatures than normal, and no wind.
The lack of wind does not help with cooling down, but at least it is better to avoid wildfires.
Every Greek knows that high temperatures in combination with strong winds, unfortunately often lead to wildfires.
We keep our fingers crossed that this summer the forests and villages will be spared from wildfires.
On the other hand, it is advised to know how to react in case you find yourself close to a fire. Something we unfortunately never learn in school…but it is important!
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In Greece, wildfires occur quite often and almost every summer. Most fires neither have many victims nor burn many houses down, but they, unfortunately, destroy natural habitats and affect animal life.

When fires break out in densely populated areas, they cause many deaths, as happened on July 23, 2018, in Attica, near Athens. These fires, Greece’s deadliest ones in over a decade, killed more than 90 people and caused injuries to more than 100 people.

Since few people know what to do when a fire approaches their home or hotel, we provide you with information that could save lives in the future.

A fire brigade officer responds to two questions and gives us pieces of advice that matter to us all:

1) How and why did the lethal fires of July 2018 happen?
2) What should one do in the event of a fire?




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