greek passive verb to remember

Greek passive verbs are not so easy, but very common.
So let’s learn how to say “I remember
” or “I  do not remember” in Greek?

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What is a passive verb?

grammatically speaking, active verbs are verbs that end on -ω
and passive verbs are verbs that end on -μαι.

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In Greek, there are 4 different Passive Verb Groups; C1, C2, C3 and C4

This verb belons to the C2 category

Good news!
Only  4 verbs belong to this category of passive verbs, ending on -άμαι and their conjugation is the same.

So Θυμάμαι is conjugated exactly the same as the other 3 verbs here below.
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κοιμάμαι (I sleep),

λυπάμαι (I am sorry/ I am sad),

φοβάμαι (I am afraid/ scared),

In this C2 category, the 4 verbs follow the same rule to form the future and paste tense.
The rule is that you keep the stem of the verb (so everything you see in front of the ending
“-άμαι”), and you add “-ηθώ” for the future tense and “-ήθηκα” for the past tense.

κοιμάμαι- θα κοιμηθώ – κοιμήθηκα          (I sleep- I will sleep- I slept)
φοβάμαι- θα φοβηθώ- φοβήθηκα            (I am afraid- I will be afraid- I was afraid)
λυπάμαι- θα λυπηθώ- λυπήθηκα                (I am sad/sorry – I will be sad/ sorry- I was sad/ sorry)
θυμάμαι- θα θυμηθώ- θυμήθηκα              (I remember- I will remember- I remembered)

Let’s conjugate the verb  « θυμάμαι »  in the present tense.


Εγώ                             θυμάμαι

Εσύ                             θυμάσαι

Αυτός,ή,ό                    θυμάται

Εμείς                           θυμόμαστε

Εσείς                           θυμόσαστε/ θυμάστε

Αυτοί,ές,ά                    θυμούνται


Some examples;

  • Θυμάσαι την Ελένη;                                                   Do you remember Eleni?
  • Δεν θυμάμαι τίποτα.                                                   I do not remember anything.
  • Ο Γιώργος δεν θυμάται πού είναι το κινητό του.  Giorgos does not remember where his mobile phone is.

Conjugation in Future Simple

Εγώ                             θα θυμηθώ

Εσύ                             θα θυμηθείς

Αυτός,ή,ό                    θα θυμηθεί

Εμείς                           θα θυμηθούμε

Εσείς                           θα θυμηθείτε

Αυτοί,ές,ά                  θα θυμηθούν

Some examples;


  • Δεν ξέρω αν θα θυμηθεί τα γενέθλιά μου.                                         I don’t know if he/ she will remember my birthday.
  • Θα θυμηθείς να πάρεις ψωμί;                                                             Will you remember to buy bread?
  • Θα θυμηθούν ότι το πάρτι είναι στις 20.00 και όχι στις 19.00;   Will they remember that the party is at 8pm and not 7pm?


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Greek verb to remember




Now that you started learning Greek verbs in the passive form,
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Greek passive verbs