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How to say “I love …” in Greek  and useful sentences

One of those verbs you hear a lot in Greek songs, or you need when you fall in love with a Greek person,  is the verb “αγαπάω” = I love

It is a verb that we use in many everyday phrases. Below you will find some important expressions and the grammar on how to use and conjugate this verb. Let’s have a look!

Before saying the big words, first some Greek grammar…

The present tense of the verb αγαπάω

(below you also find the video, so you can listen to the correct pronunciation as well)

This verb is conjugated like the verbs

μιλάω (I speak), (click here to watch the video)

ρωτάω (I ask),

πεινάω (I am hungry)

conjugation of the verb  «αγαπάω»

Εγώ                        αγαπ-άω  or   αγαπώ  (you can choose between both forms. It is the same)

Εσύ                        αγαπ-άς

Αυτός,ή,ό            αγαπ-άει

Εμείς                     αγαπ-άμε

Εσείς                     αγαπ-άτε

Αυτοί,ές,ά          αγαπ-άνε/or  also  αγαπ-ούν



  • Ο Νίκος αγαπάει τη Μαρία ; Nikos loves Maria.
  • Αγαπάω την οικογένειά μου = I love my family

Or, simply..

Σε αγαπάω  = I love you

Not sure the other person loves you? Then you can  also ask

Μ’ αγαπάς;  – do you love me?

(note; when you listen to Greek songs, you will also hear those 2 sentences all the time 🙂 . Click here to listen to some greek love songs, of different genres)

Using personal pronouns with the verb

When you use the verb “to love”, it is also handy to know how to use the personal pronouns;

Some examples;

Σε αγαπάω –  I love you

Με αγαπάς; – Do you love me?

Με αγαπάει –  He/She loves me

Την/Τον αγαπάω  – I love her/him

Την/ Τον αγαπάει –  He/She loves her/him

Μας αγαπάει –   He/She loves us

Τους αγαπάω –  I love them


You can also use this verb for other things, so not just for people

  • Αγαπάω πολύ την Ελλάδα (I love Greece very much)
  • Τα παιδιά αγαπάνε το παγωτό (The children love the ice-cream)
  • Η Κατερίνα αγαπάει το θέατρο! (Katerina loves theater)

The future tense of the verb αγαπάω

In Greek, you can use many times the Present Tense, when talking about the future, but also the future tense is good to know

Εγώ                        θα αγαπ-ήσ-ω

Εσύ                        θα αγαπ-ήσ-εις

Αυτός,ή,ό            θα αγαπ-ήσ-ει

Εμείς                     θα αγαπ-ήσ-ουμε

Εσείς                     θα αγαπ-ήσ-ετε

Αυτοί,ές,ά          θα αγαπ-ήσ-ουν


Some examples;

-Σίγουρα θα αγαπήσεις τη φίλη μου. (I am sure you will love my friend)

-Τα παιδιά θα αγαπήσουν αυτή την ταινία. (The children will love this movie)

-Θα αγαπήσεις αυτή τη χώρα! (you will love this country)



If you like to communicate in Greek, then, apart from grammar, you also need to learn the correct pronunciation in Greek 😉

Take a look at the video with teacher Myrto and listen to the correct pronunciation of the conjugations and sentences.




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