Do you like to dance? If yes, do you also know the Greek traditional dances?
A well-known traditional dance which you can see or dance at every happy occasion in Greece (such as weddings, christenings, celebrations, etc.) is the “Kalamatianos dance”. Also during the Omilo Greek Language and Culture courses
, we always organize some dancing lessons for the students and practice the kalamatianos.
Here you will find an introduction about this dance, and we hope you will soon dance along 

Read more about the Kalamatianos, its history, steps and music by clicking HERE.


During the intensive Omilo Greek Language and Culture courses in Nafplion, Lefkada and Syros, we introduce our students to Greek dancing. Not on a professional level, but as an introduction to various dances from all over Greece, as well as  its music.
For most students, it is the perfect relaxation and gymnastics, after having 4 hours of Greek lessons! And of course, it is FUN!

Click below to see some videos where we practice the Kalamatianos on the island of Syros.
Of course,  for those students feeling confident enough, they join the  teachers and also dance during the tavern meals 😊



In the mood to learn one more Greek dance?  Then click here for one more example of a Cretan dance, which Omilo students have learned during their courses.