Greek sandals

People learning Greek, as a hobby,  are really special, and you do not meet them every day! However, Omilo was founded in 1996 and has welcomed so many students from every corner in the world, all wanting to learn Greek.
Over the years, we have heard the most amazing reasons why somebody wants to learn Greek, which we could never have imagined 🙂

Here below you can read a nice & true story,  written by Lesley: “How I heard about Omilo… and then registered immediately!”
Her story was sent to Omilo through our Essay Competition in 2015.

My name is Lesley; I live in Perth, Western Australia …. In March 2015, I was accompanying my friend for a routine X-ray after an unsuccessful shopping trip for sandals … We were in the waiting room, chatting away when I saw a lady approach the desk in front of us. “I like her shoes ” I whispered; “they are exactly what I’m after…..”. So here is how Lesley met Sally!

I plucked up my courage “Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where did you get your sandals from? ” She kindly told me where she purchased them and added ” I’ve walked miles in Greece in these sandals ”

We started chatting and I told Sally that I was hoping to go to Greece that year to learn Greek and had been looking at courses on various Greek islands; I was undecided as the Internet can sometimes be so misleading. Sally uttered those fateful words “you must go through Omilo! She had attended for several years – the teachers were marvelous – professional – the standard high etc. : she generously gave me her email and further information on the course and the island of Syros. I took the bull by the horns and booked!

A chance meeting, a tenuous question, a friendly response ( and some nice sandals purchased) and I’ve completed my 2-week introduction to Greek during the summer of 2015 in Syros, with Omilo…

I’ve met some very friendly, fabulous and interesting folk from all walks of life: and the experience was outstanding in every way. How could it be improved? Not at all… Not in any way. It’s perfect. Thank you to Omilo. I would not hesitate to recommend your school.

Regards and hope I’ll be able to attend again

(Cecilia) Lesley Smith


PS. Lesly once again attended an Omilo-course in August 2019, on the island of Syros.

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