greek wedding song

Have you ever attended a Greek wedding or have you heard a Greek wedding song?
As probably in every country, every wedding is different; you can find various wedding customs, traditions, and songs, depending on the family and its roots and/or beliefs.

Needless to say, a wedding in the Greek cosmopolitan capital, is usually also quite different from a wedding in a Greek mountain village or on a small island, next to the sea!

However, in general, there are some common Greek traditions, you can find in most Greek weddings. If you want to learn more about a “traditional Greek wedding”, then click here.

Of course, a wedding goes together with music and dancing, and there are also some Greek traditional wedding songs.

In November 2019, one of the Omilo teachers got married, so two days before “her big day” the Omilo team and students were happy to share a glass of champagne and sing a wedding song for Terpsi.

Listen to the song in the video below and sing along with the Omilo students. You can find the lyrics under the video.

Σήμερα γάμος γίνεται – by Γιάννης Πάριος  (Today the wedding takes place)

If you want to listen to the entire song and sing along, click here


Read the lyrics below and sing along:

Σήμερα γά, σήμερα γάμος γίνεται
σ’ ωραίο περιβόλι, σ’ ωραίο περιβόλι

Σήμερα απο, σήμερα αποχωρίζεται
η μάνα από την κόρη, η μάνα από την κόρη

Γαμπρέ τη νύ, γαμπρέ τη νύφη ν’ αγαπάς
Να μην την εμαλώνεις, να μην την εμαλώνεις

Σαν το βασί, σαν το βασιλικό στη γη
να τηνε καμαρώνεις, να τηνε καμαρώνεις

Σήκω περή, σήκω περήφανε αητέ
κι άνοιξε τα φτερά σου, κι άνοιξε τα φτερά σου

Να πεταχτεί, να πεταχτεί η πέρδικα
που ’χεις στην αγκαλιά σου, που ’χεις στην αγκαλιά σου



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