Did you ever experience a Winter in Greece?  Many people think it is always summer in Greece, but this Winter Song, proves it wrong.
It might be not a known Greek Song, but the singer D. Savvopoulos is  very known !

Not all songs need to be about love, or the pain not to be loved… :-).  And not all songs always tell you the truth!

For example, the big hit “It is never cold in Greece“/ Δεν κάνει κρύο στην Ελλάδα” is a very popular song…but does it tell you the truth ?

At Omilo, we know better, and we have experienced several winters in Greece! Not only in the mountains, but also in Athens…
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Winter in Greece is never boring, and for those who thought that Greece is only a summer country, you couldn’t be more wrong :-).
Due to its varied nature and culture, Greece has to offer something in any season!
In general, we had a  a sunny and warm end of the year,  but we expect any moment the winter to start…
Better be prepared, and get your warm cloths ready…or start planning your winter trip to Greece!

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When we think about the Month of December in Greece, we usually think of winter and celebrations.  Let’s learn more about a typical Greek December Month.

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It is January 2021, and unfortunately, we are still experiencing a lockdown in Greece, due to “corona”!
Traveling to or within Greece is limited now, but just in case you are planning to be in Greece during the winter season, this year or next year, be aware that Greece is not just a summer destination, but also a great winter destination.  So let’s talk about some nice villages to visit during winter.
Above you can see a photo of the village of Nymfaio, in Northern Greece.

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