How Do Greeks Celebrate Easter? And what are the Greek Easter Traditions?
Greek Orthodox Easter is probably the biggest celebration of the year for most Greeks, with a lot of special traditions and family gatherings.
It is also one of the reasons Omilo organizes every year a Greek Easter course.
For 26 years in a row, the Omilo-team is celebrating Easter together with students (except of the “covid years  in 2020 and 2021”).
If you can not be in Greece during Easter time, but you are curious, then read below what Greek Easter is about, and/or watch some videos!


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On the first day of the New Year, in many Greek homes,  the new year is welcomed by opening a pomegranate for good luck. It is also common  to receive  a pomegranate (‘ρόδι’, made of metal, glass or other materials) as a gift in Greece,  to bring good luck ( ‘γούρι”) for the new year.
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“Traditions” are very popular in Greece, and a Greek wedding has a lot of them! Today, most couples in Greece still choose to get married, although nowadays they usually also  “live together” for a while before the wedding.
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