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Easy Greek Stories podcast –  Where in Greece there are still drachmas?
If you are at an intermediate level in Greek, then boost your Greek listening skills with the Omilo Podcast.  It also helps you learn common everyday Greek vocabulary and life situations in Greece. In this podcast you can listen to every story first at a slow reading pace, followed by the same story, narrated at a normal Greek native speaking pace, as well as an extra vocabulary list at the end.

Every 2nd month one new Greek story. And it is free!
(Note: this podcast is not a Greek course and the episodes don’t follow a step-by-step grammar or difficulty sequence.)

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Story 28; Πού υπάρχουν ακόμα δραχμές στην Ελλάδα;
Where in Greece there are still drachmas?

In this episode, Sophia reads for you the story about drachmas hidden in mattrasses, and on the bottom of the Aegean sea!

Podcast story script +  Notebook content & design ; Maya Andreadi
Podcast and Video montage + Notebook proofreading and grammar; Myrto Yfanti
Podcast narrator;  Sophia Devetzi

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Greek podcast story 28

Extra: the accompanying notebook
For Story #27

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