Greek verb to know

How to say “I know” or “I know it”  in Greek.
Learn the present and future form of this verb

Since it is very useful to be able to say “I know”, “I know it” or “I do not know”, here below, we will explain the verb “ξέρω” in present and future tense
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This verb is conjugated like the verbs
έχω (I have),
θέλω (I want),
πίνω (I drink),
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So let’s first conjugate the verb  «ξέρω»,   in the present tense. 

Εγώ       ξέρ-ω                        I know

Εσύ       ξέρ-εις                      You know

Αυτός,ή,ό   ξέρ-ει                He, she, it knows

Εμείς    ξέρ-ουμε                  We know

Εσείς    ξέρ-ετε                     You know (plural form “you”, or polite form “you”)

Αυτοί,ές,ά   ξέρ-ουν            They know


For example, you can say ;

Ξέρω Γαλλικά –   I know French.

Ξέρω το μάθημα –  I know the lesson.

Ξέρω σκάκι –  I know to play chess.


“Ξέρεις την Κατερίνα;” – Do you know Katerina?
And you can answer;
Ναι, την ξέρω… – Yes, I know her.
Οχι, δεν την ξέρω – No, I do not know her.


Ξέρεις τον Γιάννη;  Do you know Yiannis?
Ναι, τον ξέρω πολλά χρόνια.  – Yes , I know him many years.


This verb is often used in combination with ‘να’

 Ξέρω να χορεύω –  I know  to dance.

Ξέρω να παίζω πιάνο – I know to play the piano.

Ξέρω να κάων μουσσακά –  I know to make moussaka.

And thιs verb is also used in combination with “που”

Ξέρετε πού είναι το μετρό, παρακαλώ; – Do you know where the metro is, please? 

Ξέρω που μένεις –  Ι know where you live.

Useful sentences

If somebody says something you already know, you can say

Το ξέρω – I know (it) 

A very common expression is also

Ποτέ δεν ξέρεις – You never know!


Now, let’s learn the conjugation of this verb, in Future Simple

Good news!It is very easy, since you just add  θα  + the same conjugation as in the present form.

Εγώ                 θα ξέρ-ω              I will know

Εσύ                 θα ξέρ-εις             You will know

Αυτός,ή,ό       θα ξέρ-ει              He/She/It will know

Εμείς               θα ξέρ-ουμε         We will know

Εσείς               θα ξέρ-ετε            You will know

Αυτοί,ές,ά        θα ξέρ-ουν         They will know



“Δεν ξέρω ακόμα τα αποτελέσματα. Θα ξέρω αύριο» – I don’t know the results yet. I will know tomorrow. 

«Δεν είναι σίγουρο αν η Μαρία θα έρθει. Θα ξέρουμε αύριο» – It is not sure that Maria will come. We will know tomorrow. 

“Τώρα θα ξέρω» – Now I will know.





If you like to communicate in Greek, then, apart from grammar, you also need to learn the correct pronunciation in Greek 😉

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Hope you liked this Greek language lesson.

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