i try greek verb

How to say “I try”  in Greek.
Learn the present and future form of this verb, as well as the Imperative form.

Since it is very useful to be able to say “I try”, “I will try” or the imperative “TRY!”,  here below, we will explain the verb “Προσπαθώ
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This verb is conjugated like the verbs
μπορώ (I can), ——–>  click here to see how to conjugate the verb 
οδηγώ (I drive),
ζω (I live),

Let’s conjugate the verb  «προσπαθώ »  in the present tense. 


Εγώ προσπαθ-ώ 

Εσύ προσπαθ-είς

Αυτός,ή,ό προσπαθ-εί

Εμείς προσπαθ-ούμε

Εσείς προσπαθ-είτε

Αυτοί,ές,ά προσπαθ-ούν


Be careful, With these verbs, just make sure you always stress the ending, so you stress the conjugation

So  προσπαΘΩ
and not προΣΠΑθω

So If somebody asks you:

  • Μιλάς Ελληνικά; (Do you speak Greek?)

You can answer Προσπαθώ. (I am trying)


Of course you can also use this verb in combination with “να”.

  • Προσπαθώ να βοηθήσω. (I try to help)
  • Το παιδί προσπαθεί να διαβάσει. (The child tries to study)
  • Ο Βασίλης προσπαθεί να μάθει να παίζει πιάνο. (Vassilis tries to learn  to play the piano)

The conjugation in Future Simple 


Εγώ            θα προσπαθ-ήσ-ω

Εσύ             θα προσπαθ-ήσ-εις

Αυτός,ή,ό  θα προσπαθ-ήσ-ει

Εμείς          θα προσπαθ-ήσ-ουμε

Εσείς          θα προσπαθ-ήσ-ετε

Αυτοί,ές,ά θα προσπαθ-ήσ-ουν 


-For example;

– Θα προσπαθήσω να έρθω. (I will try to come) 

– H Άννα θα προσπαθήσει να μαγειρέψει. (Anna will try to cook) 


The Imperative Form (giving an order)

Προσπάθησε!   Try ! ( for one person, informal)

Προσπαθήστε!  Try ! (for more persons or one person formal)


Some easy sentences:

-Σας παρακαλώ, προσπαθήστε να με καταλάβετε. (Please, try to understand me)

-Μη σταματάς. Προσπάθησε!                                     (Don’t stop! Try!) 



If you like to communicate in Greek, then, apart from grammar, you also need to learn the correct pronunciation in Greek 😉

Click on the video below and  listen to the correct pronunciation of the conjugations and sentences.


the verb I try

Hope you liked this Greek language lesson.

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