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Learn the Greek Verb “to sell”, in present and future tense, as well as useful sentences , such as  “it is sold” or “for sale” .

So let’s conjugate the verb “I sell”-  πουλάω, but…

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This verb is conjugated like the verbs
μιλάω (I speak),
ρωτάω (I ask),
αγαπάω (I love)
and you can also find those verbs in our language videos list. 

Let’s conjugate the verb  «πουλάω »  in the present tense. 


Εγώ πουλ-άω  

Εσύ πουλ-άς

Αυτός,ή,ό πουλ-άει

Εμείς πουλ-άμε

Εσείς πουλ-άτε

Αυτοί,ές,ά πουλ-άνε


Be careful, With these verbs, just make sure you always stress the ending, so you stress the conjugation

So  πουλΑΩ and not ΠΟΥλαω



  • Πουλάνε αντηλιακό εδώ;  Do they sell sunscreen here?


  • Ο Νίκος πουλάει το σπίτι του.  Nikos sells his house.


  • Συγνώμη, πουλάτε αυτό τον πίνακα;  Excuse me, do you sell that painting?


The conjugation of this verb in Future Simple


Εγώ             θα πουλ-ήσ-ω

Εσύ             θα πουλ-ήσ-εις

Αυτός,ή,ό  θα πουλ-ήσ-ει

Εμείς         θα πουλ-ήσ-ουμε

Εσείς         θα πουλ-ήσ-ετε

Αυτοί,ές,ά  θα πουλ-ήσ-ουν


-For example;

Δε μας αρέσει το αυτοκίνητό μας. Θα το πουλήσουμεWe don’t like our car. We will sell it

Θα πουλήσω το λάπτοπ μου και θα πάρω άλλοI will sell my laptop and I will by another one

Ο Γιώργος θα πουλήσει 50 μετοχές από την εταιρεία Amazon αύριο. Εσύ πόσες μετοχές θα πουλήσεις;

Giorgos will sell 50 stocks of the Amazon company tomorrow.  How many stocks will you sell?


The verb in combination with ‘na’


Ο Γιάννης πρέπει να πουλήσει το εξοχικό στην Πάρο.   Giannis has to sell his holiday home on Paros island.

Η φοιτήτρια θέλει να πουλήσει τα βιβλία της.    The student wants to sell her books.


Also good to know!

Everywhere in Greece, you will see those “for sale signs” on houses, apartments or plots of land.  Here the verb is used in the passive form 

Πωλείται  ,  which means ‘ for sale – to be sold’

Or in plural

Πωλούνται ,  (many things) for sale – to be sold


Note; Be careful,

The language on those signs is coming from ‘katharevousa’/ καθαρεύουσα, and therefore you use “πωλείται”  and not “πουλιέται”.
Also, “πωλούνται” and not “πουλιούνται”. 

However,  in daily language you will also hear

-Πουλιέται  and



So you could say both;

-Πωλείται το σπίτι μου.


-Πουλιέται το σπίτι μου.  – my house is for sale – or the house is being sold


We know, the grammar of the passive tense is a bit complicated, but do not worry, for now, just remember the active form!
 πουλάω = I sell


If you like to communicate in Greek, then, apart from grammar, you also need to learn the correct pronunciation in Greek 😉

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Listen to the correct pronunciation of the conjugations and sentences.


greek verb to sell

Hope you liked this Greek language lesson.

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