Greek grammar rules – when to write the την or τη or δεν or δε ? It might be a bit complicated, without any reason.
In this article, we will explain to you when you should write the ” -ν
” at the end of the articles ,
 τ(ην), as well as with  δε) and μη)?

While learning Greek,  we suppose you have wondered what happens with the “-ν” at the end of the articles or in the words “δεν” and “μην”. Sometimes you see δεν, but you also see δε.. . etc.

Even if you have read the rules about when to write what, you still feel insecure or you can not remember what to write?

Well, in that case, do not worry! There is a solution ; Just put “-ν” everywhere!  So always write τον,  την, as well as  δεν and μην!
Easy!  😊

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Are you learning Greek, and struggling with Greek spelling? Don’t worry! We all know Greek spelling is not easy, even for those already at an Advanced Level!

In order to get over this difficulty and learn Greek while having fun, we prepared for you a small, but challenging exercise.

Here below a small text full of Greek spelling mistakes! You can use it to practice and find the mistakes. At the same time, you will learn about  Aesop’s Fables! Read more