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MASAREΣI, the Greek eShop and Blog introducing you to the “Real Greece,  already celebrated its first anniversary.

How did it all start?
Maya, the co-founder of Omilo, had a dream….to find a way to publish the many materials, eBooks, language books, and even video lessons created during the 23 years that the “Omilo Greek Language and Culture” school had been in existence.
But Maya’s dream did not stop there…

As many know, at Omilo, we not only offer excellent Greek language courses, but also cultural activities. This is because founders Maya and Dimitris,  believe that culture and language go hand in hand.

The mission of is to bring you closer to the Greek language and culture in general, not only through Omilo, but also via various eBooks, printed books, workshops, and original art objects created by various freelancers in Greece.  Creativity needs time, devotion, and energy. When a person creates a product or offers a wonderful service, there is usually little time to think of anything else. aims to help creative freelancers with the marketing and sales of any of their products we like (mas aresi!).

Mas aresi – (μας αρέσει) means “We like it” in Greek.
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