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Accommodation On Syros Island, While Learning Greek

Where to stay on Syros island If you only intend to visit Syros for just a night or two, we’d suggest choosing a hotel in Ermoupoli, the island’s beautiful capital. You’d want to spend at least a day in Ermoupoli, doing sightseeing, and exploring this fascinating city. Also, Ano Syros is a great location to spend […]


Learning A Greek Christmas Carol, And Singing Along

Would you like to listen to a Greek Christmas carol, or sing along? On December 24th, if you are in Greece, do not be surprised when children ring your doorbell early in the morning! Τhe children go from house to house singing about the birth of Jesus Christ, holding their small metal triangles.  Open them […]

Greek Sweets – Learn More About The Delicious Siropiasta

Do you also have a sweet tooth, and do you love Greek sweets and desserts?  In Greece, you can find sweets in all sizes and pastry shops on every corner. Sweets you can buy all over the year, but also very popular during the month of December to give as a gift, when visiting friends […]

(Corona) update #7 from Athens ; Greek Language Tips, Videos and News

Τι κάνετε; ‘Oλα καλά; We hope you are fine, healthy, and safe, after nearly  2 “corona years”. But even in those difficult years, time flew… We also would like to wish you a nice month of November and a beautiful Autumn. Ελπίζουμε να είστε καλά, υγιείς και ασφαλείς μετά από σχεδόν 2 « χρόνια κορωνοϊού ». Ωστόσο, […]