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Summer cinema in Greece!  Without a doubt, it is a very nice part of the Greek summer. 

Since we organize Greek language courses in Greece, let’s clarify first the Greek word for outdoor cinema in Greece: θερινό σινεμά [therinο sinema]. For those of you who speak some Greek, ” θερινό ” might seem like a strange word, since in modern Greek we use the word καλοκαίρι for summer. Το καλοκαίρι (to kalokairi), noun/ καλοκαιρινός, -η, -ο (kalokairinos), adjective. As you might have guessed, the adjective “θερινός,-η, -ο”” does not come from Modern Greek, but from the Ancient Greek word “το θέρος”. So the adjective “therinos” is still used in Modern Greek as well, in specific situations, such as Θερινό σινεμά, θερινό σχολείο (summer school).

For the “cinefiles“, Director and writer Nikos Theodosiou described the history of the summer cinema in Greece in his book “Στα παλιά τα σινεμά“. (see photo)
Needless to say, the word “cinefile” comes from the Greek words “cinema” and “filos” (=friend).

This being said, we move on to the subject itself. Α “summer cinema” is an outdoor movie theater: an open space, usually surrounded by trees and plants, a big screen, a lot of chairs , some tables to put your drinks on and usually a clear sky with stars above your head. Simple but magic.

The outdoor movie theatres were at the height of their glory in 50s and 60s. There was a period of decline when multiplex indoor cinemas dominated. Lately however, the outdoor cinemas are very fashionable again.

Where can I find a summer cinema in Athens?

In Athens, Greece, there are several places where you can find summer cinemas, or « open-air cinemas. » These cinemas are a popular way to enjoy movies during the warm summer months. Here are a few well-known summer cinemas in Athens:

  1. Cine Thisio: Located in the neighborhood of Thissio, right under the Acropolis, Cine Thisio is one of the most iconic open-air cinemas in Athens. It offers a unique setting with breathtaking views of the Acropolis while watching the latest movies.
  2. Cine Paris: Situated in the Plaka district, Cine Paris is another famous open-air cinema in Athens. It provides a cozy atmosphere with a beautiful view of the Acropolis and screens a mix of Greek and international films.
  3. Cine Dexameni: Found in the Kolonaki neighborhood, Cine Dexameni is a popular summer cinema that offers a charming setting in an old stone amphitheater. It showcases a variety of films, including new releases and classic movies.
  4. Cine Aegli: Located in Zappeion, near the National Gardens, Cine Aegli is a lovely open-air cinema that often hosts cultural events and film festivals. It has a spacious outdoor area with a large screen and comfortable seating.
  5. Cine Flisvos: Situated in Flisvos Marina, a coastal area of Athens, Cine Flisvos offers a unique cinematic experience by the sea. It screens both Greek and international films and provides a relaxed environment with beautiful sea views.


The outdoor movie theatres are open from May/June (depending on the weather) till the end of September. You will find them not only in Athens but also in every town of Greece. A nice idea for your next trip to Greece!

Note: Good news for our students coming to Syros island; of course a very nice open air-cinema is located in  in the heart of Hermoupolis, on the island of Syros 🙂



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