Greek Alphabet Course
Also online with Skype or Zoom

Reading, Writing & First Sentences.

Are you struggling to read the Greek alphabet? How would you feel when you could read a Greek menu-card, street names, placenames, the destination of a bus, etc…? When you know to read Greek, you also know exactly how every word is pronounced.
Reading, writing or pronouncing Greek is not as difficult as it might seem.

You will probably already recognise a lot of the letters, since most European languages use Greek letters in mathematics, science etc. And by the way, also the word “alphabet” comes from the first two Greek letters in the Greek Alphabet, “alpha” and “beta”.

In this short course, you will learn how to write, read and pronounce the Modern Greek alphabet together with your teacher. (three times 1 hour) While practicing the alphabet, you will also learn easy daily vocabulary, small sentences and how to present yourself in Greek. On top of that, you will receive the Alphabet eBook with videos, which you will have as a guide, any time, any place.

After completing this course, you will feel more comfortable in Greece and take joy in learning and reading more words every day. Your holiday in Greece will be much more fun and interesting. So what are you waiting for?

Apart from learning the Alphabet, maybe you are also interested to learn more Greek ?
If so, you are welcome to book a 1- or 2-week Greek course with Omilo. And the good news is : after finishing this short course, you will not be an “Absolute Beginner” anymore, but able to register for the Beginners 1 level.

Click here to see all the possible language levels we offer.

Dates & prices

You can take the alphabet course through:

  • Skype / zoom lessons from your home
  • Private lessons at the Omilo school in Athens

    prices include:
    the multi-media Alphabet eBook, including video an audio

    + 3 hours of lessons (one hour on three different days) with an Omilo teacher, course materials & homework
1 person€ 90,00
2 persons€60,00/person

This course is possible at flexible times from mid September till June. The course is not offered when the Omilo teachers are teaching intensive courses out of Athens (two weeks in April (Greek Easter Holidays), and during the months of July, August ).

About the course

The course is divided in three lessons.

Lesson 1 (1 hour)  –
the multi-media eBook with videos will be sent to you some days before your lesson starts

With your teacher you can then practice ;

  • The 24 letters of the alphabet, while learning to read & write.
  • The lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Practicing to write short words, while learning useful daily vocabulary.
  • Learning the correct pronunciation of the words, and the stress/accent system

Lesson 2 (1 hour)

  • Combinations of different vowels and consonants in the alphabet: ντ, μπ, αι, ει, .Greek has some letter combinations that change the pronunciation dramatically. For example, the letter combination “αι” is pronounced “e” or “μπ” is pronounced “b”. Once you have practiced those combinations as well,  you will be ready to read everything in Modern Greek.
  • Εxtra vocabulary to practice reading.
  • Short useful phrases to present yourself.
  • The conjugation of the verb ‘to be’
  • The numbers & days

Lesson 3 (1 hour)

  • Further practice to read, write and pronounce
  • Conjugation of the verbs ‘to do’, ‘to work’, ‘to have’, ‘to live/stay’ in present tense.
  • Basic vocabulary for first conversations:  learn how to greet in Greek, present yourself or ask the other person for more information, etc.

Useful information

Good to know

  • Total of private teaching hours: 3h
  • The multi-media Alphabet eBook is included in the price, and stays with you forever 🙂
    Your teacher will provide you with extra course materials & homework, including writing & reading exercises, dialogues
  • This course includes homework after every lesson. For a good progress, it is important to practice on your own between the lessons.
  • The lessons will be spread over 3 days, over a period of minimum 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks:
    Day 1 – 1 hour
    Day 2 – 1 hour
    Day 3 – 1 hour
  • There are 2 ways to take this course:
    a. During private lessons in Athens
    b. With Skype or Zoom lessons from your home.

How do Skype lessons work?

Skype is software that enables conversations all over the world. Individuals and businesses use Skype on their PCs and devices to make free video and voice calls. Skype is free to download and easy to use. You can get Skype from the official Skype website.

These are the steps to follow:

1.After registration for the Alphabet course we will email you the payment details and arrange the time and date for your first Skype lesson. We will ask for your Skype user ID and will add your Skype ID to our Skype contact list.

2. Before the start of your first lesson, the payment corresponding to your agreement should be transferred to the Omilo bank account
After payment, you will receive the multi-media Alphabet eBook.

3. On the scheduled day and time for your lessons, your teacher will call you on Skype. Make sure that your microphone and video are connected. Please login in to your Skype account 10 minutes before your lessons and stay online until your teacher contacts you. Enjoy your lesson!

4.When your first lesson finishes, you can discuss the time and date for the next lesson directly with the teacher . If you are on a strict program with limited time, and need to schedule all lessons from advance, this is also possible by email.

5. Any necessary changes to subsequent teaching times can be discussed directly with your teacher.

6. Please note that you need a high-speed Internet connection.