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Greek Mountain Tea, and not only..

Greece might be a « coffee country » and not so known for tea, but did you know that there are different types of Greek herbal teas? They have plenty of health benefits and are associated with staying at home and keeping warm during the cold winter months, so now we have a perfect chance to learn […]


A Greek Crossword – Discover The Myth Of Prometheus

Learning Greek is a hobby for life, so from time to time you have to find fun and new ways of learning to keep yourself motivated. So, for those at an intermediate or advanced level in the Greek language; If you enjoy solving crosswords and get excited about ancient Greek mythology, you’re at the right […]


Learning A Greek Christmas Carol, And Singing Along

Would you like to listen to a Greek Christmas carol, or sing along? On December 24th, if you are in Greece, do not be surprised when children ring your doorbell early in the morning! Τhe children go from house to house singing about the birth of Jesus Christ, holding their small metal triangles.  Open them […]


Greek Vocabulary And Grammar Exercise With A Rebetiko Song.

It cannot always be sunny, also in Greece there are “rainy days”! And of course, there is a Greek song that goes along with a wet day! Listen to the beautiful rebetiko song, composed by Vassilis Tsitsanis « Raindrops are falling » «Πέφτουν της βροχής οι στάλες». A rainy day is excellent to study Greek as well, […]


Learning Greek during a corona summer!

How we spent the last 4 months and managed to charge our batteries for the winter? Some recent Omilo history from July till November 2020. Spring 2020 was very different from other years! Not only in Greece but all over the world, due to the covid-19 pandemic. But fortunately, the summer was a pleasant one, […]

Cooking Giouvarlakia (Greek Meatballs with egg-lemon sauce)

Now that the autumn season has started, temperatures go down and along with that, light summer dishes switch to warm winter recipes. The Greek kitchen has amazing salads, fish, and seafood for hot days, but when it is getting colder, Greek people prefer oven dishes, warm soups, and meat. In contradiction to what you might […]


A Greek Spelling Exercise, While Reading An Aesop Fable

Are you learning Greek, and struggling with Greek spelling? Don’t worry! We all know Greek spelling is not easy, even for those already at an Advanced Level! In order to get over this difficulty and learn Greek while having fun, we prepared for you a small, but challenging exercise. Here below a small text full […]