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Technology changes non-stop, for good or for bad, but we try to focus on the good 🙂

Audio and Podcasts really help to learn Greek, so we also do our share, to keep you happy!
For your info,  during the past «corona-year», we have worked on various audio files and audiobooks, which are available online, and….we will start with Podcasting from next month 🙂 We here give you a small overview of the Omilo-materials, related to AUDIO. The perfect Greek language materials to keep you motivated, while improving your Greek and learning new things about Greece.

But first…What is the difference between audio and podcast?

We have noticed that our students many times are confused about this, but honestly, for podcasts related to language learning,
we believe the difference is not that big, and from what we have seen ourselves over the internet, many companies/schools use their «audio files», as «podcasts».

You can listen to audiobooks, audio files or podcasts on any smartphone, tablet, computer, home speaker system, or in-car built system.
The reason for the popularity the recent years is mainly because it allows you to listen to a language, while you are doing something else, such as driving, walking, cooking,….you name it!   In our modern times, we like to do two things at the same time 🙂

 Recently, it seems the word «podcast» became «hot and fashion» and the word «audio» became a bit  «banal, boring» :-), so a small intro of «what is what»…

What is an audio file?

  • an audio-file is delivered over the Internet in a compressed digital format and designed for playback on computers, smartphones or portable digital audio players. One of the most common audio formats is the MP3 file.
    So, a file with the .mp3  file extension is one of the most commonly distributed audio files used today and also used by Omilo.
    We can link to such a file in our Blog articles and website, or we can even send you such a file by email attachment.

A. Subscribe  to our Soundcloud audio-files—>

On Soundcloud, you will find most of our audio files, which you can listen to.
Most files are also attached to one of our Blog articles. This means that you can read a blog article, and click on the link, to listen to the text at the same time

For example: 
Click on our Blog article » Greek Summer Cinema»+ Audio link

and you will be able to listen through the Audio through Soundcloud, read the Greek text , as well as the English translation

Click below to listen to more Audio-files on Soundcloud – it is free!



At Omilo, we do our best to offer you many free materials, as well as free audio files to listen to.

However, not all our Audio-files are for free. Making original materials takes a lot of time and effort, and in the end, we also need to make a living 🙂
So we also offer eBooks, with the linked audio files, as well as Greek Transcript + English translation of every article, or extra exercises to improve your Greek

See below which eBooks, or Hardcovers, including audio you can buy;
We hope you like them…and thank you for supporting Omilo 😉

B. Greece; The Ultimate Listening Comprehension eBook—>> (intermediate and advanced levels)

Greece: The Ultimate Listening Comprehension eBookFor those looking to listen to text in Greek, narrated by native Greeks, while learning interesting things about Greece, this eBook is a good option.
The audio files are only available with «private linked files», which means you get access to the files, after payment.

When you buy the eBook, the advantage is ;
*  you have everything concentrated in one single nice designed PDF file, and do not have to look all over your computer and internet
*  you can print the eBook yourself if you prefer to have it on paper, and not only read it on your computer.
The eBooks are PDF files, in A4 size, so you can print it on most printers.
* you will also get the possibility to download the MP3 files to your computer, so you can also listen to them, without needing the internet,

This eBook is a good example. It offers 9 different texts about different subjects, related to Greece and Greek culture.
If you are at the Beginners stages of learning Greek, the audio-files will be too difficult, but you can listen to them to get used to the sounds,
and read all the English translations for the content 🙂

Interested to learn more? Then click here to buy your eBook—>  



C. The Advanced Greek Workbooks —>

This is another example of an eBook, which also includes AUDIO.
There are no English translations in this case since it is made for Advanced Learners in Greek, but you do get more exercises to improve your Greek

Each eBook consists of the following:

A workbook with

  1. A reading text to build your vocabulary in Greek
  2. Audio link to the text
  3. Grammar and vocabulary exercises – advanced level
  4. An exercise to practice the “stress/accent” on every word in Greek (by using the audio)
  5. A crossword
  6. A text, which guides you to find the words in the crossword
  7. Answer key to all exercises is inlcuded

    There are 7 Advanced Workbooks in total

    Click here to get a better look at each of the 7 Workbooks—>>>



What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud. So you listen to a book, instead of reading it.
Or, you can read the book, while you also listen to it at the same time. This is very helpful when learning a foreign language.
So audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to.  At Omilo, the recordings are again distributed by mp3. files, which are easy to download to your computer and use «off-line» as well.

At Omilo, we have two audi0-books, related to Language Learning.

A. The Easy Reader Lydia, For Beginners levels in Greek —>

Read and listen to the short story Lydia: A summer in Greece! and learn Greek in the most fascinating way!
The story includes the Audio-book, as well as a vocabulary list in English.
The book features:

  • plenty of dialogues covering a great variety of everyday topics, such as: Introducing myself / Talking about my family / Ordering in a coffee–shop or a tavern / Arranging a meeting / Asking for or Giving directions / Hobbies / Shopping / Traveling / Describing a city
  • short, easily–manageable chapters
  • illustrations that show the reader clearly the essential elements of the story
  • footnotes with explanations of words in Greek
  • footnotes with synonyms of words
  • footnotes with the present tense of verbs found in the text
  • an Audio-book with all of the story, recorded by native Greek speakers
  • a selected vocabulary from each chapter translated into English (included in the book)
  • About the Audio-book: Listen to the story, recorded by native Greek speakers, and improve your listening skills. Original melodies for the story were composed by talented musician Issidoros Papadakis. In addition, two great musicians, the bouzouki master Petros Kapellas and Yannis Varthalitis (guitar), played a taqsim (a piece of improvised folk music) that was recorded on the island of Syros – right next to the sea – and then included in the story.
  • The Easy Reader also offers the : Companion WorkBook (printable eBook with linked audio files)

    For the Hard Copy + Audio, click here  (to be sent by postal mail)

    For the  eBook + Audio, click here 
    (non-printable eBook,  PDF file)

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

B. The Fygame (Φύγαμε για ελληνικά! ) Language book, For Intermediate levels in Greek—>

This book covers a wide range of everyday life topics and it also provides information on various social and cultural aspects of life in Greece.
Ιt has been designed for adult students and covers Common European Framework levels B1 and B2 of the Modern Greek Language
The main body of the book consists of 12 increasingly difficult thematic units. Each unit is divided into two parts;
The first part includes a text or a dialogue written in simple, contemporary language followed by reading comprehension and a vocabulary exercise. Two more exercises aim to further expand and consolidate your knowledge.
The second part aims to help you practice and improve your aural comprehension skills by listening to dialogue or an oral text based on the theme of the unit followed by three listening comprehension exercises. Additionally, at the end of each unit, you are provided with background information on different aspects of life in Greece and Greek culture.
The book is accompanied by the 24 audio texts,  in MP3 Audio Files

For the Hard Copy + Audio, click here  (to be sent by postal mail)
For the  eBook + Audio, click here 
(non-printable eBook,  PDF file)



What is a podcast?

Typically, a podcast is an audio that isreleased on a regular schedule and allows subscribers to get new episodes on a regular basis. Simply put: a podcast is an audio program, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone or computer and listen to it whenever you like.
The advantage is that you can listen to them any time, any place, rather than be stuck to the radio at the same time each week.
So a podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme and scheduled on a regular basis.

We are happy to announce that at this moment we are in the process to upload our two brand new monthly podcasts, which will be released in July, Stay tuned!
They will be available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Google PodcastThe Omilo Greek Diary Podcast – Conversations and true stories  – For Intermediate and Advanced learners
The Easy Greek Stories Podcast – For intermediate learners in Greek

So be patient…even more exciting news soon!


Audio on YouTube

Although YouTube is known for videos, you can also find many audio files on our YouTube Channel.
For example, you can find videos related to Greek audio, and helping you to improve your Greek listening skills.
Here is a good example of such a Video, which will be soon also available as «podcast». The advantage with videos is that you can actually also see the persons talking, as well as read the Greek subtitles at the same time.
However, it is more difficult to watch on the beach, because of too much sunshine 🙂 On the beach, a podcast might be more useful!

And here an example of a Greek Lesson, which you can also use as AUDIO, to keep repeating and listening to

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