Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say a “wish” to a Greek speaking friend or acquaintance? Being able to say a typical wish would make you feel part of Greek society.

For those who have regular contact with Greeks, you have certainly heard Greeks expressing their wishes. Every circumstance is an occasion for a wish, a good word. It is a way to express love, joy, sympathy and much more.

In this article you find a selection, but we are happy to send you the extended list, as well as the audio with the right pronunciation. Click here and send us an email. Just mention the code “GREEK WISHES A1” in the subject line or message.

A new beginning in the calendar

Καλό μήνα! [Kalo mina] – (Have a) Good month! = 1st of every month.

Καλή εβδομάδα! [Kali evdomada] – (Have a) Good Week! = Every Monday

Καλό σαββατοκύριακο! [Kalo savatokirako] – Enjoy your weekend

Καλή χρονιά! [Kali chronia] – Happy New Year! = 1st of January and for several days before and after …

When you eat or drink something

Καλή όρεξη! [kali orexi] – Enjoy your meal!

Στην υγειά σου/σας/μας or “ γεια μας”! [stin yia soo/sas/mas] – Cheers! (literally: to your/our health)

Γεια στα χέρια σου! [gia sta xeria sou] – «Bless your hands» (a wish to the person who cooked the nice meal)

When you buy something new / or you already bought something new

Even if someone is buying something, people in Greece also use wishes:

Με γεια! [Me gia] – With health! = enjoy your new acquisition …. Usually for clothes and shoes. (Also used when you had a haircut!)

Καλορίζικο! [Kaloriziko] – Good luck! = Used when people buy bigger property (houses, shops), or move to another house. From the words ‘good’ and ‘root’ = have good roots!


Περαστικά! [Perastika] – Get Well! = May your illness pass quickly!

Σιδερένιος! [Siderenios] – “Iron!” = May you be strong as iron again!

For someone travelling or ready to leave, you can wish him the following:

Καλό δρόμο!/ Στο καλό! [Kalo dromo!/Sto kalo!] – Drive (home) safely!

Καλό ταξίδι! [Kalo taksidi] – “Have a nice trip!” = Travel by any means of transport.

Καλή αντάμωση! [Kali antamosi] – “Until we meet again!” = may we meet again.

Καλές διακοπές! [Kales diakopes] – Enjoy your holidays!

A very pleasant and positive wish, you need many times!

Συγχαρητήρια! [sicharitiria] – Congratulations

Μπράβο![bravo] – Bravo!

Και σε ανώτερα! [ke se anotera] – «To an even more successful/better future»

A wish you can always use for pupils/students/teachers, some minutes/seconds before the lessons begin:

Καλό μάθημα! [kalo mathima] – Enjoy your lesson.

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