Food Culture

Whether you are living in Greece or just visiting, you will quickly notice that food has an important role in Greek society. Greeks consider a meal as quality time with friends and family. It is their way to socialize, to discuss various topics and concerns, to make fun and to offer hospitality. 

In case you have had the chance to enjoy a tavern meal in Greece, most likely you experienced the following: while you are waiting for the bill, you suddenly see the waiter approaching your table, with a plate full of fruits, or sweets or some glasses with“mastic liquor”! Much later, you leave the tavern with a big smile on your face, waving at the tavern-staff, trying to use whatever Greek words you know, in order to express your gratitude.

The Omilo students experienced this hospitality many times during the tavern meals, after their Greek lessons, and are very happy they learned how to order and thank the personnel in Greek. The more Greek you speak, the better service you get. 🙂

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Καλή όρεξη!

PS During the intensive Greek courses in Athens, we will always introduce you to some interesting places, followed by a typical tavern meal!

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