Greek dances can be found in many places in Greece, also at Omilo!
But in Athens you find a special museum, a living museum dedicated to the Greek dance. What makes it special is that it is not just housed in a building. It is a living museum with dancers, lots of spectacle and a school providing courses, workshops and lectures. Here below more information about this museum and dancing group, founded by Dora Stratou.

Dora Stratou was the museum’s founder. Her idea was to create a dancing group which would be able to perform in Greece and abroad. The initial goal was the preservation of dances as a proof of the continuity of the Greek race. She managed to mobilize state and private interest, and with their financial support to make her vision to come true.
Dancing is not just steps; it is also music, songs, costumes, jewelry, and customs. On the occasion of the Greek dances Dora Stratou started a folklore research throughout Greece and she managed to gather a wide variety of dances and songs and to organize a wardrobe with stunning costumes and jewelry of special folkloric value. At the same time she picked the best dancers and musicians. It should be noted that Dora Stratou was benefitted from the advice and assistance of great Greek artists and intellectuals such as Hadjidakis (composer), John Tsarouhis (artist – painter, who created the first costumes and painted embroidery designs on them by hand), Odysseas Elytis (poet), Dimitris Horn (actor), Nestor Matsas (journalist and writer with a particular interest in folklore and ethnographic documentaries) and others.


Dora Stratou left us a valuable property. Her work was recognized and rewarded. In 1963 she received the Theatre World Award, the most prestigious international distinction. She was also awarded by the Academy of Athens and got a grant from the Ford Foundation.

Today the Greek dances theater has expanded its activities.

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