The ancient Greeks told stories about their gods, Greek myths. Stories of Greek mythology are still told today and take place in various regions in Greece.
Here you can learn about a Myth, in the town of Livadia.

Sophia (a former teacher at Omilo) is living in Livadia, a town close to Arachova and Delphi, at two hours drive from Athens.

The Myth “Erkyna”, the nymph of a spring in Livadia, is very known in Livadia.
Today, Erkyna is the name of the river that passes through Livadia. For many years, the river provides the energy that is needed for the development of industry, handicrafts and processing agricultural products.


Listening exercise

Click here to listen to Sophia who tells you the myth in her own words.
Below you can read the translation in English

The myth of Erkyna (translation of Sophia’s words)

Many years ago in ancient times, a girl who was called Erkyna came to play in this area. She was the daughter of an architect who also was the founder of the Trofanios Oracle*. So she came to play with her friend Persephone. Persephone was the daughter of the goddess Demeter. One day they had brought a goose with them and as they played, they saw the goose running away and suddenly the goose fell into a hole. Erkyna ran after her to catch her. As she couldn’t reach the goose, she lifted a large stone.
The moment she lifted the stone, water started running from under it. This water became more and more until it became a whole river. Unfortunately, the river swallowed both the goose and the little girl, Erkyna.

* Trofonios Oracle (called this way by the locals)




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