omilo diary

In 2021 Omilo celebrates 25 years! However, a celebration in corona times is no fun, so we are waiting for a better moment 🙂
In the meantime, Maya and Dimitris (founders of Omilo) as well as several teachers will participate in interviews, videos, and podcasts.

Click here to watch Maya’s video or read the transcript

In her video, Maya explains;

a. how Omilo came to life in 1996, the concept, the name, the logo, the brochure and “the dream”
b. how and where the first Greek Language and Culture course was organized in 1997, ( before “google” or the “internet for public use” existed)
c. how much fun we had…

You can watch the video and read the transcript in English and /or in Greek.




Click here to watch the video of Dimitris and Sophia, talking about the first course of Omilo, in Nea Makri | 1997