Have you ever wondered what our school’s name “Omilo” means? It actually means “I speak”, but then you can wonder: Why “omilo” and not “milao” (μιλάω)? Where does this word come from? Is it an ancient word? Does it mean something different? Let’s have a look at the etymology!

We chose this name for our School since it comes from the ancient verb «ὁμιλῶ» which used to mean “to associate, to keep company with somebody”, but also “to be a student or to frequent, to hang out”.

Over the years the meaning of the word changed and got other definitions like “to express myself in oral speech, to discuss”. In our days, we use the simple form of “milao” (μιλάω) in modern Greek, but we can still find the ancient form in official or standard phrases like:

«μην ομιλείτε στον οδηγό» (min omilite ston odigo) = don’t speak to the driver. It’s a phrase that we can read on bus sings.
«ομιλείτε ελληνικά;» (omilite ellinika?) = do you speak Greek? -It was the title of a show about Greek language.
«ομιλώ από καθέδρας» (omilo apo kathedras) = to express myself dogmatically, with the prestige that my place gives to me.

A derivative of the ancient verb was the word «ὃμιλος», which is still in use in modern Greek and means “club, association” e.g. «αθλητικός όμιλος» (athlitikos omilos) =sport club, «ιππικός όμιλος» (ippikos omilos) = equestrian club, or «όμιλος επιχειρήσεων» (omilos epihiriseon) = group of companies.

The form «ομιλώ» survives also in words like:

«ομιλητής» = speaker.
E.g. Το κοινό άκουγε με προσοχή τον ομιλητή. = the audience was listening carefully to the speaker.

«ομιλία» = speech.
E.g. Δεν ήρθε πολύς κόσμος στην προεκλογική του ομιλία. = Very few people came to his election speech.

«συνομιλία» =conversation.
E.g. Χαίρομαι που είχα μια σύντομη συνομιλία μαζί του. = I am glad that Ιhad a short conversation with him.

«συνομιλητής» =interlocutor.
E.g. Πρέπει να σέβεσαι τους συνομιλητές σου και να μην τους διακόπτεις. = You have to respect your interlocutors and not to interrupt them.

«ομιλητικός» = communicative, talkative.
E.g. Σήμερα δεν είσαι πολύ ομιλητικός, έγινε κάτι;= Today you are not very talkative, is something wrong?