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Writing Greeklish or using the Greek Alphabet?

The Greek alphabet is unique and special. It has survived thousands of years without significant changes. From the times of Omiros and Platonas, in Byzantine and Kavafis, it ended up in our times with barely any changes to it. The Omilo teachers are happy to help you learning this beautiful Alphabet! And yes, it is […]


Greek Music by L. Machairitsas!

Do you also like Greek music?  Let’s enjoy beautiful Greek music while learning Greek. Learn some Greek vocabulary with the popular song of singer and song writer L. Machairitsas ; “What do I ask for?” “Τι ζητάω;”

Greek Movie : Mikra Anglia

When Greek cinema meets the Greek literature the result is excellent! A very interesting Greek movie came out in December 2013 : the movie ‘Little England’ directed by Pantelis Voulgaris and based on the book by author Ioanna Karystiani. The book was first released in 1997 and won the State Prize.

Greek expressions: The sea is like oil!

“ I have a Greek son in law, an adorable “Adonis”!” we sometimes hear our students saying! Many foreigners join Omilo to learn Greek because they have a son or daughter who lives in Greece, with or without Greek partner. If it finally becomes true love, than, undoubtedly, the day arrives when our motivated students wish […]

A trip to Greece, changing your life!

Ramon from Spain has to travel to Greece for a project in his University. He travels for the first time to Greece, explores a village in the Peloponese, tastes a bit of Greek culture and spends time with Greek students of his age. His life changed …