During one of the Omilo Intensive Greek Language and Culture courses in Athens, in 2015, the participants had Greek lessons in the morning and a 3 hour guided walk in Athens during the afternoon. We decided to start the guided walk from Psirri, in order to show some beautiful Street Art by day-light. When we reached Sarri street, where you can explore beautiful pieces of art all over, we also passed from the small Sarri Gallery. And amazed we were…

On flyers we found the following information:

“My name is Dimitris Liossis, I was born in Athens, Greece, in the early 70’s. I am a mixed media Artist, presenting the “inverted Dome”, my latest Art project.

There are two aspects behind the idea of the “inverted Dome”. The first originates from my early years as a student in Fine Arts. My first paintings were inspired by the Renaissance masterpieces. I was amazed by the fresco paintings, by their architectural perspective, unifying the artwork with the physical objects in the surroundings, their underlining symbolism and religious dimension being with erotic references. My canvases are soaked by all these ingredients, with the additional illustration of personal experiences and a touch of humorous disposition.

The second influence for the “inverted Dome” comes from my lifestyle. I always loved riding bikes, snowboards, surfboards and skateboards and I always try to maximize the riding feeling: the experience of defying gravity, the adrenaline rush from the airs, speed and carving. I also enjoy the creative process of these sports: building the ramps, jumps and parks.

Combining my experiences, I came up with this new idea for my canvass. A canvass made of wood, which resembles a church’s dome and is completely skate-able.”

More artists are exhibiting every month at the Sarri gallery. (Address: Sarri Street 12 : Wednesday till Sunday 12.00 till 17.00) The gallery is known for supporting street artists and presenting their work in a different “frame”!