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Have you ever visited Athens? A stroll through Athens gives you the opportunity to admire not only ancient Greek constructions and monuments, such as the Acropolis, the Dionysius Amphitheatre but also public buildings constructed in the 19th century, such as the Parliament, the National Theater, the Zappeion …

The Zappeion Megaron Mansion In Athens

The Zappeion Palace or Zappeion is a beautiful and historic building in Athens. It is located near Syntagma square, next to the National Garden. Today it functions as an exhibition and conference center.

Take a small look at the video here, so you get a better idea of its architecture.

The Building

The building was renovated in 2007. It has large indoor and outdoor spaces that can host a variety of events. The Zappeion Exhibition Room (4,000 square meters) is suitable for exhibitions and conferences. The central Terrace-Peristyle (984 square meters) can be used for conferences, concerts, cocktail parties and dinners. There are two internal open courtyards (957 square meters), one of which is used as a service area.

History of the Zappeion

Since the mid-19th century, there has been the thought of reviving the Olympic Games. To achieve this goal, there was need of modern facilities. The national benefactor Evangelos Zappas decided to fund the construction of an Olympic building – which is now known as “Zappeion”.
The construction began in 1874 and was completed in 1888. The building was designed by the Danish architect Theophilus Hansen. The Zappeion Mansion was the first building to be built worldwide, to serve Olympic needs.
However, over the years, it has not only been used to serve Olympic needs, but for a variety of purposes depending on the historical conditions of each era.

Important historical dates for the building:

  1. 1886: Olympic Games: The sport “Fencing fights” are organized in its circular hall
  2. 1938: Athens Radio Station is installed in the area of ​​Zappeion
  3. 1940: The building was transformed into a hospital
  4. 1944: Bombarded
  5. 1952-59: the National Gallery is hosted here
  6. 1960: General overhaul under the supervision of architects A. Ploumistou and F. Panagiotopoulos
  7. 8 May 1979: Greece joins the European Economic Community, which was signed with a ceremony in the Zappeion
  8. 2003: The Greek Presidency of the European Union was hosted in Zappeion
  9. Till of today, there are various exhibitions, conferences and events of all kinds organized. (science, art, trade, wine fair, etc..)


During your next visit to Athens, we hope you will stop by the Zappeio, while also exploring more about contemporary Athens.
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