Greece is known for its delicious food, healthy dishes and lots of salads. One of the dishes you can usually find on the tavern menu, under “salads”, is the “dakos”. It is a traditional salad, from the island of Crete. But do not worry, you can now also find it all over Greece!


Omilo students love to visit Greek taverns and try different dishes, during their Language Holiday in Greece. The dakos is a salad everybody usually loves and you can order it as an appetizer, as a side dish or it is also perfect for a light lunch.
The Dakos is made of ingredients that are produced in Greece: olive oil, tomatoes, caper, oregano, feta cheese, and paximadi (rusk). It is super easy and quick to be made, but as for all recipes in Mediterranean cuisine, the key is to use very fresh and quality ingredients. So make sure to use very juicy, organic tomatoes, as this is the main ingredient. Also, do not forget, by adding extra Virgin Olive Oil, the dakos will be so delicious as to make you want to even lick your fingers (which is allowed in a Greek tavern 😊 )

Ready to prepare a dakos yourself? Here is our recipe;

• 2 large paximadi (rusk)
• 1 large tomato
• 100-gram feta cheese (tough and salty) [you can use the white cheese of your choice]
• A little bit of chopped onion
• caper
• oregano
• olive oil
• Olives
• [Optional: vinegar, parsley]


1. Wet the paximadi slightly (rusk)
2. Grate tomato and feta cheese (or chop)
3. Place paximadi on a plate. Pour olive oil, add tomato and on top feta cheese
4. Put on top the onion, decorate with capers and olive. Sprinkle with oregano.



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Καλή όρεξη – Enjoy your meal 🙂