Do you also have a sweet tooth, and do you love Greek sweets and desserts?  In Greece, you can find sweets in all sizes and pastry shops on every corner.

Sweets you can buy all over the year, but also very popular during the month of December to give as a gift, when visiting friends or family, are the so-called ‘SIROPIASTA’

So click on the button below, and learn more about all those delicious sweets, which belong to ‘siropiasta’;

The siropiasta take their name from the word σιρόπι (en. syrup), because all these desserts are doused with syrup after baking, which makes them moist, sticky, and delicious.
Some examples are baklavas, saragli, kadaifi, ekmek, diples, galaktoboureko, etc…

learn the differences between all those names, and get ready to buy your favorite during your next visit to Greece..

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More Greek sweets

The month of December, is an extra sweet month,  and on top of the sweets you can find the entire year in every patisserie, you can even find special traditional Christmas cookies as well.