Which is the most important meal of the day? Of course, it‘s the breakfast! Although most Greeks do not really eat a big Greek breakfast or any breakfast at all, slowly slowly things are changing. More and more hotels in Greece now understand the value of breakfast and more and more Greeks also start discovering how many products they actually have to enjoy the most delicious breakfast.

There is no better waking-up than a good breakfast with a view to the Ionian or Aegean Sea. If you lack the view, maybe you can enjoy at least the Greek tastes. The Greek traditional products may create a tasty breakfast which will give you energy and bring you in a good mood, either on holiday or not! There is nothing better than hot bread, traditional marmalade, pies of every sort, herbal drinks and of course Greek coffee. Nice smells and tastes for a rich breakfast, all coming from the Greek traditional cuisine.

From area to area, the breakfast may vary depending on the gastronomical culture of each part of Greece. Profit from the specialties of each area and enjoy a healthy breakfast:

  • In Cyclades, enjoy rusk with Naxos graviere (local cheese), Syros loukoumia (“turkisch delight) and chalvadopita, Tinos almond sweets, Andros froutalia (a super delicious omelet)
  • In Thessalia, taste olive-bread, Farsala Chalvas, thyme honey and sour trachanas (frumenty).
  • In Crete, look for lychnarakia, kserotigana, graviere with honey and herb pie…

A lot of Greek hotels take part in a program organized by the Hellenic chamber of hotels which aims to make the Greek breakfast popular. Look for these hotels or just prepare on you own the first meal of the day, using Greek tasty products! Here you can find some ideas: http://www.grhotels.gr/gb/Elliniko-prwino-menu-final.pdf

In case you prefer a simple room without any breakfast served, just go to the periptero (kiosk) at the corner, buy a Greek yogurt and add some honey! Simple and also very tasty!