Some language blunders many students in the Greek Language can easily recognize: they are called  “Margaritaria“ – „Μαργαριτάρια!”

As with any other language, you learn Greek by trial and error, but it is easy in Greek to have a lot of “error”! 🙂
Misunderstandings in the Greek language happen quite easily because the difference in the words is often very small, while the difference in meaning can be very big. Other errors can be embarrassing or even creative! But one thing is for sure, they happen to the best of us.

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At Omilo, after a lesson of Greek grammar or a difficult text, it is always very relaxing to finish the lesson with a funny example of such a mistake.
Oddly enough, Omilo students very often come and tell us about their own “blunders”, and there are many! 🙂