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Greek Listening Exercise About A Greek Tradition

In the following video you will see teacher Konstantinos and three other Omilo members picnicking in the background. This video is taken in the Singrou Park of Maroussi (Nord Athens), at 600 meters from the Omilo school and was made for the Omilo Quiz about Greece. Konstantinos asks two questions. He also explains more about the […]


A Greek Traditional Dance From Crete – Siganos

A Greek Traditional Dance From Crete – If  you like Greek dances, then let’s learn about the „siganos“. As you may know, every region in Greece has different dances, music and rhythms. The dances of Crete also belong to a special category. The main instrument in most of the Cretan music is the “lyra”, and […]

Greek 20th-century art : Yiannis Moralis

Do you like modern and contemporary art? Then Athens is the place to be. There are many options to see modern art in Athens and all over Greece. Here we write about the Greek artist Yiannis Moralis, and the RETROSPECTIVE at the Benaki Museum As we have mentioned in our monthly Newsletters, as well as […]