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Moussakás: A Delicious Greek Dish

„Énan moussaká, parakaló“ This is how Omilo students attending Greek courses in Greece order one of their favorite Greek dishes. When you visit Greece, you will definitely enjoy Greek cuisine and Greek food culture. Moussakas is the symbol of Greek cuisine, a dish you can find in most taverns in any season. Learn its history and […]

The Local Cuisine of the Greek Cyclades | Omilo

The Local Cuisine of the Cyclades is very versatile and delicious. Every summer since 2005, Omilo organizes Greek Language and Culture Courses on Syros, one of the Greek Cyclades Islands. Located close to each other, their beautiful landscapes, bright Aegean sun, clean blue waters and cosmopolitan vibes make them an ideal summer destination. Of course, […]

How Omilo Students Witnessed The Corona Months…

On May 2nd, 2020, we wrote an update email, on how Omilo is dealing with the corona crisis, as well as the situation in Greece. We also suggested to our students, from all over the world,  to write their “story”, on how they deal with the corona months, at home. We are happy many students […]


Lazaretta, The Former Quarantine of Syros Island – Omilo

Who could imagine in March 2020, that the whole world would go to „lockdown“ due to the Corona Covid-19 virus, and when traveling many times a „quarantine“ is requested? All this belonged to history, most of us thought… or the younger generation probably never heard of the word „quarantine“ before. S0 let’s see how the […]