Authentic Marathon Athens

The Athens Classic Marathon is one of the most important sports events hosted by the city of Athens. Thousands of runners from all over the world participate in every year’s race. Apart from the sportive event, they have the chance to enjoy Greek hospitality, to discover the fascinating landscape and to explore a city which is constantly improving its standards.

Of course, nowadays the Marathon race is held in many major cities around the world, but there is only one “Authentic Marathon”, in Greece 🙂
It takes place every year in Attiki, from the village of Marathon till centre Athens, beginning of November.

The route from Marathon till center Athens

The starting point is in Marathon itself, a small village. At the 5th km, the athletes make a loop and run around the Marathon Tomb (a monument to honor the soldiers killed in the Persian battle) and then continue onto the Marathon Avenue, connecting the village of Marathon with Athens. The route passes through many municipalities‘. The  last kilometer of the route the runners pass from the Vassilissis Sofias avenue, where athletes run along the American Embassy, ​​the Megaron Concert Hall and the National Gallery.

The finishing point is at the Panathinaiko Stadium or Kalimarmaro, the beautiful stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.

kalimarmaro athens


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